A Poem for a Wonderful Nurse

A Poem for a Wonderful Nurse

The following poem is dedicated to a wonderful nurse named Ulrike. She is a nurse that puts her heart and soul into helping others in need.

Wonderful Nurse

She’s a truly,
wonderful nurse,
With the sick and ill,
knows how to converse.

Always willing
to give a helping hand,
Has vast medical knowledge,
yet seeks to expand.

Post-surgery care,
is her passionate domain,
Sometimes it’s a
bit of a drain.

Determined and positive,
routinely remains,
Comforts patients,
during their struggles and pains.

She helped me a lot,
as a teacher and guide,
Listens patiently,
easy to confide.

To me she is
a wonderful friend,
My blessings and love,
I’d like to extend.

by tree.cards