Window Poem

Window Poem

Today’s poem is about looking out a window. We all do this, some of us more than others. Staring out the window is often used as a form of day dreaming and deep thinking.

Many of us also stare out the window at work while gathering our thoughts. I do it all the time. If these episodes were fast forwarded and filmed, the end result would be one of those cool clips of the changing seasons.

Anyways, let’s move on and try to write an interesting window poem.

My Window

My window welcomes me,
before the sun wakes.
I lose sight of my work,
and dream of those lakes.

Why do we stare,
at a brown old fence.
Our eyes rarely reach it,
when those daydreams are dense.

My window helps me look,
at the future and past.
Constantly remind me,
that nothing shall last.

I try not to use it,
to cry nor depress.
As I stare at those trees,
they take away stress.

It’s dirty but never begs,
maybe I’ll clean.
Will this change my thoughts,
and make them more keen?

Protects me from the wind,
but not the sun as it serves.
My window and friend,
a nice view, it deserves.


Just like the last stanza hints, don’t we all feel like we deserve a beautiful view? We don’t want to stare at another building. We want something that will inspire us. On that thought, I will end it. Hope you enjoyed my window poem.