Video Game Poem

Video Game Poem

I grew up during the video game revolution of the 80s and 90s, therefore, I’m very excited about writing today’s video game poem. These days, video games are much more complex, engaging, and visually appealing, then they were 20 years ago. But even video games back in the day, were a lot of fun.

Video Games

Do you remember Pac-Man,
he had to watch out for each ghost.
While Pitfall Harry,
his treasure he’d boast.

With Missile command,
came a huge bang,
Followers of Space Invaders,
about defeating aliens they sang.

One of the coolest of all time,
was Halo – the first-person shooter.
To play Super Mario,
you won’t need a tutor.

Call of Duty,
is all about war.
It’s one of those games,
with plenty of gore.

With Grand Theft Auto,
there’s no need to explain
Being chased by those cops,
is fun for the brain.

The legends of Zelda
is about purely adventure.
If you remember Tetris,
you may need a denture.

Sonic The Hedgehog,
was known to be superfast.
Those Final Fantasy games,
forever they last.

The Sims are interesting,
games about life.
Where you choose a house,
a job and good wife.

Wii games are so much fun,
as we get off our butts.
Active, family-friendly games,
never show any guts.


Back then, a bouncing ball, or a simple 2D spaceship captured our imaginations. Now we have movie style story lines, with realistic graphics, and recorded voices.

These days, a small army of experts is required to develop your average video game. They usually take years to complete. The more popular video games, sell out like pancakes, with a near cult following awaiting their release.

Personally, I prefer video games that have an intricate story. My favorite include, medieval style role-playing games. I got hooked on that genre in the early 90s through those simple 2D d&d computer games.

I think video games are perfectly fine, and a great source of entertainment, as long as they’re used within moderation, just like anything else.

Now, we are able to play with people around the world, through the internet. This allows individuals with the same gaming preferences to play together. This has definitely, added a social factor to the gaming realm.

In the past, we would either play with someone who was sitting right next to us, or in most cases, we’d simply play alone. Now, there’s no need to play alone.

To me, it seems like online video games are the new playgrounds of yesterday. I’m a big fan of them, but I still think kids should go outside and use traditional playgrounds more often.

At least innovative consoles like the Nintendo Wii, require that we stand up and move our limbs to play their games.