Thanksgiving Day Poem

Thanksgiving Day Poem

In the United States Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, while in Canada it’s celebrated on the second Monday of October. I was always curious about the historical reason for this difference. I guess I wasn’t curious enough until I wrote this poem and looked up the facts on Wikipedia.

The reason Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving more than a month earlier is because back in the day when most people were farmers, Canadians had an earlier harvest due to the colder climate up north. Being thankful for a successful harvest is one of the historical reasons behind this holiday.

These days we use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to spend time with family and to be thankful for having each other, health, food, a roof over our heads, and the list could go on.

Family reunions are also very common on Thanksgiving Day, as families sit down for a delicious turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and stuffing. It’s a time when we catch up with relatives we haven’t seen much throughout the year.


Thanksgiving is the most fabulous feast,
Stomachs roar,
like a hungry beast.

Cooking a turkey to perfection,
Does your oven have convection?
Mushroom stuffing and pumpkin pie,
A football loss, will make us cry.

With family and friends,
this holiday we share,
Offering love and support,
they truly care.

We try to give,
a lending hand,
At a homeless shelter,
together we stand.

Family photos and parade,
Precious memories,
never fade.

In the end,
we must give thanks.
Followed up,
with jokes and pranks.


You are welcome to share this poem with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!