Technology Poem

Technology Poem

I’ve decided to write the following technology poem because it seems like all our lives are affected by technology. From the products we consume to the ways we get around, technology plays a big part.

All I have to do is look around my office and I’ll find many examples of how technology influences my life. From my Samsung smart TV, to the sophisticated software I use.

Technology evolves at lightning speeds. My smart TV is no longer the latest and greatest (even though I just bought it 2 years ago). Now they even have Samsung QLED TVs, with a picture quality better than real life.

Technology also influences how I spend my time online. There are also less obvious things such as manufacturing technologies that help create virtually every product we purchase and use.

This technology poem is not intended to be a thorough example of the field by any means. It’s just includes a few technology related thoughts that popped into my head. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


I wake up each morning,
when my android makes noise.
Technically speaking,
he’s just one of my toys.

Call me lazy,
but I try to save time.
Microwaving my breakfast,
is not a real crime.

Before I dance,
with my electric toothbrush.
Straight for the inbox,
I dive in a rush.

With the click of a mouse,
I outsource my work.
Through Amazon reviews,
I search for my perk.

I won’t wait for weeks,
demand it today.
Another PS3 game,
I can’t wait to play.

I attempt to snap out,
from my wired realm.
It seems like technology,
is right at the helm.

I drive half a block,
to the grocery store.
Technology is friendly,
and opens the door.

I finally use
my dry mouth to speak.
I’m definitely rusty,
and sound like a freak.

Why can’t they get a robot,
to slice the meat.
My disappointment,
I eagerly tweet.

At the checkout,
I have a clear choice.
Use a human
or a machine with a voice.

I return to my office,
my game has arrived.
My ancestors were truly,
technology deprived.


Hope you enjoyed reading my technology poem. Feel free to write one about how technology affects your life.