Teacher Appreciation Poem

Teacher Appreciation Poem

This teacher appreciation poem is dedicated to Miss Indrakumaran (a.k.a. Miss I), my daughter Lily's junior kinderkarten teacher.

Lily was one of the shyest kids in kindergarten. Miss I helped Lily overcome her shyness and come out of her shell.

Her Sunshine

a few rainstorms ago,
she was lonely and shy,
the wind forced this seed,
as she would tremble and cry.

she glanced all around,
she was scared, she was lost,
her heart felt a pain,
like a deep winter's frost.

but then she discovered,
a smile so warm,
filled with rays of love,
which helped clear her storm.

with each encouraging ray,
she grew and she felt,
her troubles and worries,
would gradually melt.

memories of nature walks,
when she held on so tight,
while all the other seeds,
were ready for flight.

her light did not judge,
when her tears flowed like rain,
this shy little seed,
was far off from plain.

the light simply revealed,
a seed that was kind,
nourished her creativity,
and strength helped her find.

from the very first time,
she entered her room,
her sunshine was calm,
helped her patiently bloom.

but now her sunshine,
must move to another shy seed,
for her rays of love,
there's always a need.

when the next rainstorm appears,
she's no longer shy,
because she remembers her sunshine,
and rays of love from the sky.

by tree.cards