A Silly Poem for Kids

A Silly Poem for Kids

Here’s a little rhyming and silly poem for all you kids out there. Hopefully it’s silly enough. If not, then I’ll just need to increase my silly factor for the next one.


I just learned,
how to fly,
and explore the clouds
in the sky.

I must say,
it’s really cool,
I should try,
and fly to school.

Maybe I’ll fly,
to the moon,
and watch my favourite,
morning cartoon.

Which color should I
paint my plane?
I just hope,
it doesn’t rain.

I just realized,
this story is not real,
I was day dreaming,
in front of my meal.

by tree.cards

Children possess the most amazing and limitless imaginations. I’m sure they can write a more silly and unique poem than I can. My 10 year old niece is a prime example. When I look at her role-play in her own little world, I can’t help thinking of myself doing the same when I was her age.

Kids are day dreaming machines, and I think that’s a great thing because day dreaming is like nutrients to their little brains. It expands their creativity, and teaches them how to think outside the box. Those skills will become vital for them later on in life when they’re expected to find solutions to countless problems for the companies they end up working for.

Personally, I’ve always been encouraged to be creative when I was a child. I must admit that my imagination was effectively developed during my youth. I’m convinced that playing with Lego until the age of 12 or 13 helped nurture my creativity.

I also think it’s important for us not only to allow our children to act silly, but also encourage them to do so. We just need to remember that they are still children, and we should let them be children.

Of course, I agree that all children require discipline and guidelines. But as long as we love them and teach them about the importance of respect, they’ll be fine.

Have fun sharing today’s silly poem with your kids, and remember to let be silly.