Retirement Poem for Gaynor Pritchard

Retirement Poem for Gaynor Pritchard

This retirement poem is dedicated to Gaynor Pritchard (Matthew Pritchard's loving mom). This is Matt's little way of showing his mom how much he loves her and how proud he is of her.

Gaynor's Journey

The journey began, as Miss Barclays 1967,
She had the right attitude, knew life could be heaven.
As a beautiful lady, modeled Pippa Dee clothes,
Wonderful wife and mother that knows.

Journey continued, ambitions were high,
Better life for her family; relentlessly try.
Taught at Ysgol Meithrin, kids young of age,
Stimulated their minds, knew how to engage.

Extraordinary work ethic, kept hospital clean,
Makes other feel welcomed, comedy Queen!
Thoughtful and caring, attended nursing college,
At Heath and Bridgend, applied all her knowledge.

She spiced up her life, with Conway and Eddie,
Beautiful weather, clients were steady.
Took a short breath, deserved more than the dole,
Bilingual Nursery Manager, entered her bowl.

We look back at her journey, what do we see?
Hard work and guts, and a soul that is free.
Just want to say, clearly and LOUD,
Happy retirement, Matthew is proud!


This poem was a collaborated effort between myself and Matt. However, most of the credit goes to Matt, since he provided me with all the details, and I just made them rhyme.

Matthew would like to wish his mom the most wonderful retirement. She clearly deserves only the best that retired life has to offer. The above poem reminds us that Gaynor is a friendly lady that has dedicated her working life to serving and helping others (for many years the children and the ill).

She has also dedicated her life to her family, who she has loved unconditionally. Her caring nature has rubbed off on Matt. Because no matter how tough he may seem, he still took the time to work on this poem with me, and loves his mom very much.