Poems for Greeting Cards

Poems for Greeting Cards

The following poems were written to be included inside your various greeting cards. I hope they help during those times when you're stuck for words.

Have fun sharing them with your family and friends if you want your cards to stand out a little bit.

The first one is a funny birthday poem. If it makes you laugh, then there's a good chance it will also make someone else laugh.

Personally, I must share at least 30 greeting cards each year, and these verses definitely come in handy. Especially when I whenever I want to make a great impression on someone.

You could also buy an assorted box of blank cards and save some money, while still adding nice sentiments to them.


This is not,
a poem about age,
Please relax,
there's no need for rage.

They say the older,
are usually more wise,
Try not to judge,
your gifts by their size.

Sure it'd be nice,
to get a new ride,
Cash is still king,
just put aside.

Oops, happy birthday,
I nearly forgot,
Hope it made up,
for whatever I bought.

The bottom line,
it's still your day,
Try not to fancy,
things that are grey!

by tree.cards

Christmas Poem

Feel free to share the following Christmas poem with your family and friends during the Christmas holidays. I'm sure they'll enjoy receiving a thoughtful gesture from you.

Christmas Time

Christmas is a time
for cheer,
With family and friends,
that are close and dear.

A time to celebrate,
listen, and talk,
Enjoy the festivities,
and go for a walk.

So many splendid,
and colourful decorations,
We choose a charity,
and offer donations.

Being thankful,
with joy we sing,
Christmas time is a
beautiful thing.

by tree.cards

Mother's Day Poem

We all love our moms. Sharing a beautiful Mother's Day poem with our wonderful mom's is a great idea. They certainly deserve the praise and recognition for everything they've done for us.

Love You Mom

I'm so grateful,
for a mother like you,
Thank you for loving me,
for I love you too.

I know you'd walk,
a thousand miles,
Just to fill,
my life with some smiles.

Today we celebrate,
what you mean to me,
You're gentle like a flower,
yet strong like a tree.

I wish you happiness,
and long-lasting health,
Having a mom like you,
I'll always have wealth.

by tree.cards

Father's Day Poem

Here's a Father's Day poem that your old man will really appreciate. I'm definitely going to share it with my dad on Father's Day.

Father Like You

A father like you,
I'm so grateful for,
The love that we share,
I shall never ignore.

You've always been there,
guided my way,
You encouraged me,
with the words that you'd say.

A wonderful Father's day,
I wish you the best,
To love you dearly,
is my journey and quest.

by tree.cards

I hope you enjoyed these greeting card poems. This entire site is filled with greeting card style poems, and you're welcome to include them in your cards