Poem of Healing

Poem of Healing

I was inspired to write today’s poem of healing after reading an interesting article on pbs.org about a doctor and poet duo going around and encouraging the ill at a Florida hospital to express themselves through poetry.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in the hospital when I was younger. So the following poem is based on my experiences and on hope.

Hope and Rose

As I lay here,
all alone.
I feel like a statue,
made of stone.

The pain is not constant,
it comes and goes.
My spirit fights,
warmed by hope and rose.

I am not worried,
about the pain.
But rather the cause,
of my body’s stain.

Pain is like a canary,
notifies when something is wrong.
Hope and rose,
keep me strong.

Hope is something,
deep inside.
Rose reminds me,
of my life outside.

by tree.cards

Hope is very important for those who are experiencing illnesses of varying magnitudes. The rose in this poem is meant to represent a red rose or any other type of flowers that patients may have in their hospital rooms.

I think having flowers by ones hospital bed is a good thing. When I was ill, they reminded me of nature and the simple things I took for granted when I was well. Flowers also gave me hope, and motivated me to get better, so that I may once again run in the grassy fields outside, breath the fresh air, and experience dirt and mud once again.

This was a personal poem of healing. I encourage you to write your own, if you ever end up stuck in a hospital bed. The process of writing poetry may not only help in the healing of your body, but may also feel like a liberating experience for your soul.