Poem of Gratitude

Poem of Gratitude

I’m excited to write a poem of gratitude this morning. Being grateful for what we have and showing others gratitude and appreciation is important in life.

I’m Grateful

I count my blessings,
For my family and friends,
I always pray.

I’m grateful for my life,
and health,
Time on earth,
is the sweetest wealth.

I’m grateful for my freedom,
of choice,
For being important,
and having a voice.

I’m truly grateful for,
all those memorable events,
My wonderful life,
this poem represents.

by tree.cards

This poem of gratitude is meant to remind us that we should be grateful for all the things we have in life. I’m not talking as much about all our material things, but rather our families, friends, good health, and just overall happiness.

I think we just need to be more grateful for all of those routine things we forget about and sometimes take for granted. We should be grateful for all those relationships that we share with others.

Personally, I try to make a conscious effort to show my gratitude to my family and friends. Sometimes I forget, as I get caught up in the busy routines of life. But I do try to take a step back and look at it all from the outside once in a while. Then I show my gratitude. We can all do that with a simple phone call, or an unexpected hug. It doesn’t take much.

The first poem is more for yourself. It’s like a little reminder that you could place somewhere. But what if you would like to share a poem of gratitude with someone else? Someone that you’re grateful for having in your life.

Well here’s a poem that you may want to give to someone that you’d like to share your gratitude with:

I’ll Always Be Grateful

My gratitude I’d like,
to extend,
To a sincere and
wonderful friend.

I’m so grateful,
for all those moments we’ve shared,
You’ve always been there,
you’ve always cared.

You’re important to me,
I shall never deny,
With you by my side,
I feel I can fly.

I’ll always be grateful,
for your words and your time,
From the bottom of my heart,
I give you this rhyme.

by tree.cards