A Poem Dedicated to Colleen Kelly Mellor

A Poem Dedicated to Colleen Kelly Mellor

The poem on this page is dedicated to Colleen Kelly Mellor from biddybytes.com. Colleen blogs about her experiences in life, while offering words of encouragement, hope, and inspiration.

I stumbled upon her blog this morning, while eating breakfast, and casually browsing the net. Amidst all of her hardships and tragedies, Colleen maintains a very positive outlook on life. Her amazing attitude and zest for life caught my attention and inspired me to write the following poem about her.

Hope and Inspiration

Taught English and Journalism for three decades straight,
In the city of Cranston, with lots on her plate.
Being a single parent, was not easy at all,
Raised two wonderful daughters, time did not stall.

Sold many nice homes through her second career,
Passion for writing, the choice was quite clear.
Dealt with hardships, while defeating her cancer,
As a health advocate, searched for the answer.

Empowered the weak, through, "Hope out of Ashes",
Shared her experiences, and personal crashes.
Her stories are real, they deeply touch,
For hope and inspiration, we thank her so much.

by tree.cards

I encourage you to take a look at her blog. I'm looking forward to reading her posts and learning about the human condition and even a bit about myself.

Even during tough times in her life, Colleen has demonstrated an unwavering passion for life. I would like to thank her for sharing her stories with so many of us. She is clearly a compassionate lady that cares for others.

Keep on smiling Colleen.

Your Fan,