A Poem About Today

A Poem About Today

I’m very excited about posting today’s poem. It’s a poem about today. I was inspired to write it after reading some inspirational quotes that talked about living in the present and for today.

We all think about the past and the future a lot. I guess that’s just human nature. But we still need to remember to live and enjoy life in the present. We don’t know when our individual journey will come to an end. It may be today, tomorrow, 3 months from now, or 50 years from now.

I’m not trying to depress you. But that’s the reality of life, and we can’t do anything about it. Sure we can take actions that will increase the likelihood of living a long life. Such as eating healthy and looking both ways when we cross the street. But nothing is guaranteed. The only thing that is guaranteed is each moment in the present, and each breathe that we take right now.

For that, we need to be grateful. We need to cherish every moment we spend with our loved ones. We shouldn’t argue with them as much as we do. We shouldn’t let little things bother us. Like that old saying goes, we should all strive to – “stop and smell the flowers!”


I’m truly grateful
for today,
For my work
and for my play.

About tomorrow,
if I only think.
My life shall pass,
in a blink.

For tomorrow,
I shall not wait,
Right now! Today!
I’ll mould my fate.

Right now!
is the only time I own.
As I touch,
my flesh and bone.

Is it paradise and
roses that I seek?
Yet I have it today,
I should kiss her cheek.

I shouldn’t fear,
that thing called chance,
Ignore it completely,
and ask her to dance.

Yesterday and tomorrow,
I shall never control.
Only today’s love,
that seeps from my soul.

by tree.cards

After completing the above poem, I read it a few times, and I just smiled. It has brought me joy, as I sit here today, right now, in peace and with gratitude for all that I have in my life.