A Poem About The Wind

A Poem About The Wind

Today’s poem is about the wind. More specifically, wind is used as a metaphor for experiencing change in our lives.

Changing Wind

A chilly reminder,
this November morning.
It came from the west,
without any warning.

The moment it reached,
our neck and our face.
We lost our innocence,
security and grace.

We’re always surprised,
we never expect.
Like change in our lives,
it’s hard to connect.

We can’t see it coming,
until it’s too late.
We’re just like the leaves,
we are the bait.

With change, just like the wind,
we must learn to cope.
Calm clear skies,
we seek and we hope.

by tree.cards

There are several reasons why I chose to compare the wind with change. It seems like whenever we step outside, and we feel a chilly breeze, we’re caught by surprise. I think the same may be said about change in our lives. Often times, it surprises us.

We’re so used to our daily routines, that we usually don’t accept change with open arms. I also don’t think that anyone gets excited when they feel that uncomfortable cold breeze in the early morning.

There have been countless occasions where I was walking outside during the winter, and feeling that chilly breeze against my face. Even though it may not feel all that great, I learned to tolerate it. In part due to the hope and understanding that this chilly breeze will eventually subside and disappear.

The same may be said about change in our lives. It may not seem all that appealing when we’re going through it and dealing with it. But we understand, that change (just like that chilly wind), will not last forever. Eventually, it will subside and disappear. At that point, we will return to our predictable routine.

I think the real trick is for us to realize that change may sometimes be a good thing. Not only it keeps life interesting, but it enables us to grow as individuals. It teaches us to adapt to different situations, and prosper as a result. Just like that chilly breeze teaches us to adapt to the various seasons.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem about the wind, and how it was used as a metaphor for change. In the end, I think we must remember to respect both the wind and change in our lives.