A Poem About the Human Brain

A Poem About the Human Brain

Many new discoveries have been made about the human brain in the past few decades. Scientists are learning and discovering new things about these amazing machines of the head every day.

Personally, I think our brains are absolutely phenomenal biological instruments that shape who we are as both species and individuals.

My goal is to dive right into the magic of it all with the following, “brain poem”. Enjoy!

Our Brain

Compared to our bodies,
our brains are quite large.
Require nutrients and rest,
to function and charge.

Billions of neurons,
and countless connections.
Sending out signals,
in all the directions.

The cerebral cortex,
helps us all reason.
Memory, attention,
no matter the season.

Signals are responsible,
for the simplest of actions.
Chemicals aid,
in mutual attractions.

The structure is largely,
dependant on genes.
We’re fortunate to possess,
these remarkable machines.

Through our life experiences,
our brain changes and thrives.
It’s a beautiful instrument,
that helps us survive.

by tree.cards