A Poem about Shapes for Children

Today’s featured poem was written for children and talks about shapes. It’s meant to educate kids about some of the different shapes they’ll encounter at school and life in general.


Let’s take a look,
at a few cool shapes.
Some look like boxes,
and others like grapes.

A circle is a shape,
that is perfectly round.
And a sphere is like ball,
bouncing off the ground.

When it has four equal sides,
we call it a square.
While a cube looks like a box,
used for gifts that you share.

A triangle has equal sides,
but only just three.
Looks like one side of a pyramid,
I surely agree.

There are plenty of more shapes,
that you may go and explore.
A rectangle looks like,
a fallen old door.

by tree.cards

This poem talks about a few of the more basic shapes. It mentions the following shapes: circle, sphere, square, cube, triangle, and rectangle.

To engage your children, you may wish to read this poem to them while they are playing with these shapes. You may also ask them to draw the shapes, using the clues from the poem. Just don’t forget to encourage them and let them know that it’s ok to make mistakes when they’re learning.

You also spend some time with your kids helping them write poetry about their favorite shapes. To make the activity even more interesting, you may search for things around the house that have those specific shapes.

For example, most books are rectangular, and most clocks are circular. Finding a triangle example may be a bit more challenging. I guess, I’m just not using my imagination enough right now. But I’m sure your little ones will figure it out quickly.

Well, I hope you have fun teaching your kids about shapes and poetry at the same time. Don’t forget to have plenty of fun.

Wishing you a Circular Day,