A Poem About Science

A Poem About Science

I’m really looking forward to writing today’s poem which will be a poem about science. My goal with this poem is to encourage young children to find a natural curiosity for science.


Everything works,
because of science.
Even your old
kitchen appliance.

What about your
mom’s car?
Without science,
it wouldn’t go far.

With science we could make,
a computer or phone,
If you want a twin,
just ask for a clone.

Science will explain,
nature and trees,
It’s also used,
to find cures for disease.

Science is cool,
the evidence is clear,
It’s so much fun,
enjoy it my dear.

by tree.cards

Another reason that I have a huge passion for science is because I love it and appreciate it (majored in chemistry). But beyond my personal passion for the sciences, I strongly believe that we need to encourage our children to study and find an interest in the sciences.

I know that science has always had this stigma as a difficult subject to learn. Honestly, I think every subject could be difficult if there’s a lack of passion or interest in it. I’ve never been very good or interested in art class in high school. As a result, it was difficult for me.

That’s why it’s critical for us not to discourage kids from giving science a shot. We also probably need to teach it to them in a more modern and progressive manner. I think we should harness currently technologies to teach science in a more interactive/applied manner, as opposed to the traditional boring lecture style that has been used for the past several hundred years.

I think kids have lots of potential to excel in the sciences because they have a natural curiosity about how things work. They’re always asking why and how, and those are two very important questions scientists ask all the time.

Hope today’s poem motivates and inspires that little scientist in your child. You may also try to write a poem about science with your own child. Maybe that will help.

Good luck,