A Poem About Overcoming Life’s Challenges

A Poem About Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Today’s poem talks about overcoming life’s challenges. I was inspired to write it after reading about one lady’s amazing journey and how she overcame her personal challenges.

Our Challenges

When all we see,
is darkness and gloom.
We feel totally helpless,
while running from doom.

We eventually confront,
our inner brick wall.
Our choice is to break it,
or give up and fall.

We may search for our strengths,
waiting patiently deep inside.
From life’s obstacles,
there’s no reason to hide.

All our challenges,
we must embrace and defeat.
As we open our eyes,
our true purpose we’ll greet.

Let’s take a step outside,
our routine comfort zone.
This will carve a path,
where our goals we shall own.

Our personal challenges,
quite difficult may seem.
But, if we believe in ourselves,
life will be as sweet – as a dream.

by tree.cards

This poem is dedicated to Moya Mulvay, who is an absolutely amazing human being. Life has thrown many obstacles in her way. But instead of giving up, and creating excuses, she decided to do something about her challenges.

Reading her story, I realized how grateful I should always be. Just by comparing my obstacles with hers, I quickly came to the conclusion that I should never complain. In comparison, my life has been a walk in the park. That’s why I must embrace all my opportunities, and do something meaningful, and with a greater purpose.

If you need some inspiration in your life, I recommend you check out, Moya’s website. I would also like to thank Moya for inspiring me to write today’s poem.