A Poem About Love and Trust

A Poem About Love and Trust

Today’s poem is about love and trust. It talks about how love and trust are necessary to make any relationship work.

Love & Trust

Love is something,
we all cherish dearly.
When we lose it,
our hearts ache severely.

Trust is something,
we share with a few.
It requires honesty,
and a heart that is true.

Love without trust,
is foolishly blind.
It’s easy to lose,
and easy to find.

Trust without love,
is often quite fake.
It won’t give much,
but will happily take.

Love and trust,
go hand in hand.
When together,
this dance is quite grand.

by tree.cards

I’ve witnessed situations where couples would claim they love each other, but they wouldn’t trust one another. Without trust, I don’t think their love will ever reach its full potential.

How can you love someone fully and unconditionally, if you don’t trust that person?

It definitely takes time to establish and earn someone’s trust. Friendships are rooted in trust. Imagine how difficult life would be if we couldn’t trust our closest friends.

A couple involved romantically and in a long-term relationship, should also have a strong friendship as the foundation. Building relationships strictly on infatuations is like building a house on sand.

Relationships seem so much peaceful and enjoyable when not only love but also trust is found at the core. Life is way too short in my view, and we should share our lives with a partner that not only loves us, but trusts us in every way.

I’m also not just talking about trust with regards to being faithful. But also trust regarding the decisions and choices we make, trust in our abilities and talents, and trust us as human beings that we will always have the best mutual intentions in mind.

I hope today’s poem reminds us all of the importance of both love and trust in any successful relationship.