A Poem About Losing A Friend

A Poem About Losing A Friend

Today’s featured poem is about losing a friend. We have all experienced the horrible and helpless feelings of losing a friend. I hope this poem expresses those feelings.

Past Forever

My scattered thoughts,
are a struggle to explain.
In the midst of them all,
prevails sorrow and pain.

Our wonderful memories,
I’m striving to draw.
As wet tears of loss,
drip down my soaked jaw.

What holds me together,
is the friendship we shared.
Understood each other,
and mutually cared.

Now that you’re gone,
I feel lost and alone.
Wish we could talk,
right now on the phone.

In my wounded heart,
you have a home and place.
My mind is filled,
with your voice and your face.

My thoughts of you,
shall cease – never.
I will miss you so dearly,
way past forever.

by tree.cards