A Poem About Goals

A Poem About Goals

I think it’s very fitting that my first poem of 2012 is about goals. Many of us have personal goals that we’re planning to achieve this year. I hope this poem puts them into perspective.


Glance back quickly,
then I look straight ahead.
My cravings for success,
are waiting to be fed.

Filled with excitement,
deep in my heart.
I can taste the sweetness,
of a brand new start.

My hand with a pen,
dance as they race.
Dreams and ambitions,
mutually chase.

Eyes thoroughly scan,
the ultimate list.
Brain tries to think,
what have I missed.

These goals that I set,
should not be in stone.
Since life is dynamic,
and rarely alone.

My goals should be true,
and not simply high.
The most important –
always I’ll try.

by tree.cards

I think it’s normal that we usually set many very ambitious goals at the beginning of each year. In our heads and our hearts, we often feel like we will be able to achieve many goals throughout the year.

I think it all comes down to two critical factors:

  • Time management

  • Action

Looking at the first one, if we don’t manage our time efficiently, it will be very difficult to check every goal off our list by the end of the year. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at my 15 goals that I have for this website alone. I understand that I’ll need to manage my time really well to accomplish most of them.

However, I won’t beat myself up if I miss a few. As long as the ones I don’t get to are not major ones. That’s something I will be able to live with.

The second necessary factor is an obvious no brainer. In order to accomplish the goals that we set, we’ll need to act upon them (continuously) from beginning until the end.

Today’s poem is just a short snippet of some of the emotions that we feel when we’re setting our goals. The last line is the most important in my view. Whatever the circumstance, we should avoid excuses at all costs, and always to try no matter how scared or insecure we may feel.

That worst possibly outcome is not failure, but rather not TRYING at all