A Poem About Ellen DeGeneres

The following poem is dedicated to Ellen DeGeneres. She is an absolutely wonderful lady, that makes so many of us laugh, and brings joy to our regular lives.

Thank you Ellen, we really appreciate everything that you do. This one is for you.

Ellen Our Star

A star shines on a clear night sky,
Filled with life, forget about shy.
She understands the art of act,
From our daily routines, knows how to attract.

Countless awards, and judges an idol,
Opened our eyes, for fairness and bridal.
We continue to stare, she beautifully shines,
Enjoys a vintage bottle of Choco vine.

Like a shooting star, with audience she'll dance,
Her jokes, laughter, and stories, our lives do enhance.
But why do we always search for this star?
Because her warm smile brings joy, even from far.

by tree.cards