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Inventive personalised baby gifts for the new little one in your life

. 5 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Inventive personalised baby gifts for the new little one in your life

When a new member joins the family it is a time of excitment and joy for everyone involved. Whether it is your baby or the baby of a friend or relative, you would love for the little one to receive a gift from you. Here are some ideas for baby gifts that you can offer even before the baby is born that are personalised just for that little one.

If you are attending a baby shower or a baby birthday and you are unsure about what you want to buy, but also want the gift to be unique, here are some special gift ideas that we guarantee the baby parents will appreciate.

Best value personalised gifts for babies

These adorable baby gifts are comfortable and affordable by most. Up until $20.

Personalised Baby Hat


This customised hat is the perfect gift for a newborn in your family. You have the possibility to enter the baby’s name and choose the font and embroidery thread colour. It also has a seriously cute pom pom on top that is guaranteed that the parents will love this gift for their baby.

Made of soft white cotton jersey, this hat will be cozy and comfortable for every baby. It fits snuggly against their heads keeping them warm and happy. If you want to give a lovely personalised gift for a newborn baby then this is a great option.

Baby Socks Gift Box Set


If you're looking for a baby shower present to give to a mom to be or dad with a great sense of humor, don't look any further tthan these adorable socks that you can add a perosnalised name to.

They may be a bit of joke present but these socks will also provide comfort  and care for the baby. They are warm, comfortable, soft and of course adorable. Instead of receiving one pair of socks, you will be gifting 4 of them. It is sure that these socks will bring laughter during the baby shower. When it comes to the size, do not worry. The socks will fit most baby feet of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old.

Personalised Romper with Matching Hat


If your family member or friend has recently given birth or you are off to a baby shower and they have already chosen the name, order this personalised romper to take a long with you as a gift. Their baby will look adorable in this personalised romper, which comes with a matching hat.

It has short sleeves and you can select a number of different colours for the romper. It is fun but also very well made and will sit snuggly against the skin of the newborn baby.

Personalised Teddy Bear Blanket - Pink


The best mix of baby's favourite blanket and baby's favourite teddy bear, this gift is something that the new baby in your life will treasure. Made from super soft cotton that will feel smooth and cool against baby's skin it is comfortingly cuddly.

What is more, you can personalise the blanket with your little one's name that is elegantly embroidered on the blanket. If you don't want the blanket in pink you can also get it in blue and a yellow making it an ideal gift for all newborns.

Personalised Bedtime Storybook for Children


A wonderful keepsake, this personalised baby book is customeised with the name of the little one you are buying it for. The story is called Snuggle Bunny and is ideal for any small child no matter their gender. It can be read by their parents to soothe them before bed or if you are lucky enough, pershaps you will be on bed time duty.

When making the order, simply add the name of the child and it will be printed throughout the book. If you are searching for an extra special gift to give at a baby shower or christening then look no further than this personalised bedtime story book.

Something special: High-end gifts for babies

High-end gifts for babies

Something special: high end personalised gifts for babies

When you are buying a keepsake or something special for a baby then these gifts are all perfect. Take it along to a christening or baby shower. All gifts are over $40.

14K White Gold Foot Charm Pendant with Personalised Birthstone


Has your family member just been given birth, perhaps it is your daughter? If this is the case then you will definitely want to mark the momentus occasion with a truly special gift. This beautiful heart pendant with a dangling baby foot charm and heart-shaped birthstone can be completely personalised with the name of the new baby, the date they were born and their birthstone.

It is the type of gift worthy of marking the birth of special family member and will be treasured by the baby when they grow older. They will get it out from time to time to look and it and remember that you gave it to them.

Engraved silver baby rattle


A classic gift to give at a christening, this handcrafted baby rattle is made in the USA from silver.It is lightweight and can be engraved with the name of the newborn. It is the type of item that will kept and treasured by the newborn baby as they grow older. Perhaps they will gift it to their children later on it life, starting of a family tradition.

It is easy to personalise, just add the baby's name when you make the order and it comes in a presentation gift box ready to gift at the christening.

Personalised Baby Picture Frame Engraved Glass


This personalised picture frame for a newborn baby is a wonderful keepake that will sit proudly on the mantle piece. Made with glass it can be engraved with five lines of text. It is suggested to add the baby's name and the date of birth and a small message.

It is a really lovely gift to present at a baby shower or christening. You can add a photo of the newborn to it in advance to suprise the parents with a finished frame. If you are a grandparent you can also personalise it to say that it is from you.