Patriotic Poem

Patriotic Poem

Today’s featured poem is a patriotic poem that talks about being devoted to ones nation. I think it’s human nature to love one’s own country (as long as it’s free and prosperous). I think, it may be difficult to be a devoted patriot for those of us who live in extreme poverty. But I may be wrong.

Rooted Inside

Patriotism needs,
loyal devotion.
Requires passion for country,
and lots of emotion.

Beautiful flags with the wind,
gracefully fly,
Soldiers sacrifice,
in battle they die.

National anthem is
food for the ears,
Emotions clog throats,
and roll with the tears.

Love for the country,
love for the land,
From busy streets,
to coastal sand.

Chins pointing up,
with honour and pride.
It’s a way of life,
that’s rooted inside.


Wikipedia has a great article about patriotism, which contains some results from surveys that were taken. It looks like the United States is the most patriotic country, followed by Venezuela and South Africa.

Personally, I think it’s a great thing to be patriotic and love the country that one lives in. But at the same time, we still need to remember that we are no better or worse than anyone else on this planet. Everyone deserves to live freely, and peacefully.

How do people show their patriotism? The simplest and most evident way is by showcasing their national or regional flag for others to see. This is often done with stickers on their cars, or flags on their front porches.

Participating in parades, volunteering, and voting are other ways that individuals demonstrate support for the nation they love so dearly.

Well, thanks for reading my patriotic poem, and I hope your love for your country helps others.