Patrice O'Neal Poem

Patrice O'Neal Poem

A Poem Dedicated to the Memory of Patrice O'Neal

The poem that you see below is dedicated to the memory of a phenomenal comedian and wonderful human being - Patrice O'Neal. He left our world on November 29, 2011, and will be missed severely by his family, friends, and millions of fans.

Patrice O'Neal

This poem is dedicated,
to Patrice O'Neal,
A hilarious comedian,
he was the real deal.

A great stand-up champ,
on the radio he'd talk.
Made fun of pretty white women,
with the way he would walk.

He collected receipts,
to simply protect.
Just in case,
the cops would suspect.

Made a deal with God,
when inside a plane.
His prayers increased,
when God added rain.

Compared cheating with,
the way men catch fish.
To show off and release,
is all that they wish.

With Charlie Sheen,
he mastered the roast.
To this comic genius,
we give thanks as we toast.

His jokes always made us laugh,
as we cheered with a smile.
He brought joy to so many,
through his passion and style.

He was wonderful guy,
who loved comedy dearly.
We'll be his fans forever,
and we shall miss him sincerely.


R.I.P - Patrice