My Love for You Poem

My Love for You Poem

Today we will look at a, “My Love for You Poem”, which talks about expressing your unconditional and deep love for your significant other.

My Love for You

My love for you,
is like the trees.
It’s nature’s beauty,
which grows with ease.

My love for you,
I shall always display.
Every night,
and every day.

My love for you,
is honest and true.
When we’re holding hands,
it’s a beautiful view.

My love for you,
is infinitely deep.
Brings me peace,
and lets me sleep.

My love for you,
feeds me joy.
Precious and real,
it’s not a toy.

My love for you,
with you I share.
Because I love you,
and deeply care.


Personally, I think it’s very romantic to profess your love by using those four words; “my love for you”.

It’s certainly an honest way of opening up and letting the love of your life know how much she or he means to you.

You are welcome to share the above love poem with your partner, but you may also wish to add a few personalized, “my love for you”, verses. I think that would be very sweet, especially since Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.

Have fun sharing today’s love poem with your sweetheart.