A Poem About Mountains

A Poem About Mountains

This poem about mountains is dedicated to my daughter Lily who will be reciting it during her grade 3 poetry contest.


Stretch above land,
into their peak,
it is the sky,
they constantly seek.

Closely positioned,
to form a range,
human eyes,
won't notice them change.

Not a prisoner,
to immediate time,
challenges many;
unforgiving climb.

So much more,
beyond their beauty,
sheltering species,
that is their duty,

Mountains are members,
of the nature we know,
way at the top,
they often have snow.

Taller than towers,
or a simple old hill,
To climb Annapurna,
takes courage and skill.

One thousand feet,
the smallest must soar,
Mount Everest,
Is thirty times more.

Some slopes are gradual,
but many are steep,
to help with your climb,
ask a goat or a sheep.

Dangerous avalanches,
the stories are real.
covered by snow,
how would you feel?

In the far distance,
we notice their height,
a view from the top,
spectacular site.

Mountains are formed,
by the movement of crust,
changing forever,
we learn and we trust.

by Martin Dejnicki