Motivational Poem

Motivational Poem

Today’s featured poem is a motivation poem. I hope it motivates us all to put in the extra effort in all aspects of our lives. Sometimes our daily tasks may feel very routine and unspectacular. That’s when we need a little bit of motivation.

Your Road

No matter what,
you think or do.
You’re truly unique,
possess a rare view.

Even though life,
may become a routine.
Against discouragement,
there is a vaccine.

You just need to,
look in to your heart,
For that is where,
this journey will start.

In yourself,
you must believe.
You have the power,
to successfully achieve.

If often takes,
time and pure sweat.
Lack of focus,
is your lonesome threat.

The road which leads,
to the passion you crave.
Is right in your face,
enjoy while you pave.


I guess this poem turned out to be motivational with regards to setting goals and achieving them. The last two stanza’s or verses are the most relevant to me. The second last verse mentions that we must not only work hard but we also need to have patience and be focused.

I’ve learned that having patience and being focused are absolutely critical to achieving any goals. Whether these are related to school, work, sports, or just a hobby, we need to put in the time, because nothing is instant.

Some of us may doubt that with examples we may here in the media about someone developing an amazing website or app over a weekend and making millions as a result. But if you really think about it, for that person to gain the knowledge to be able to do that in just one weekend, took many years, and countless hours. This person was probably passionately learning his or her craft on Saturday nights while friends were out partying.

The other key ingredient is a focused mind. This means completely diving into your task at hand with passion and commitment. This requires curiosity and a craving from within. That’s why it’s vital that you love what you are doing. Because if you love what you’re working on, it won’t seem like work, but rather a hobby and much closer to play than work.

The last verse talks about finding what you love to do. The truth is, the answer is often right in front of you. You just need to be very honest and frank with yourself, and ask yourself what is it that you truly enjoy or love to do.

Once you figured that out and found your road, the rest is easy and fun. This includes just doing it and paving this road of yours.

Good luck and I hope today’s poem has motivated and inspired you to pursue your passions