Missing Person Poem

Missing Person Poem

This poem talks about a missing person or family member, and how sad it is for the whole family. It was written and shared by Patricia Capansky.


Our oldest Brother left one day
and never has returned,
and after all this time our family's
getting quite concerned.

Until several months went by
we never worried very much,
'cause he was always on the go
and never kept in touch.

But then one day out of the blue
he'd wonder back around,
'cause someone in our family's
always lived in our hometown.

But now he's only been seen
once in forty years or so,
and what has happened to him
we'd really like to know.

We're afraid he might be buried
in a grave somewhere unknown,
and if that's the case we'll never
get to bring our Brother home.

So our sympathy goes out to everyone
whose in our place,
with loved ones that are missing
from their lives without a trace;

And we know how hard it is to keep
those bad thoughts all concealed,
when the whereabouts of your loved one
might never be revealed.

by tree.cards