Love Poems

Love Poems

Share one or all of these love poems with that special person in your life. Whether it's your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife, these verses are meant to touch their heart.

I surprised my wife with the first one (this morning), and she absolutely loved it.

Try doing the same, I'm sure your better half will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

Alright, let's start off with a fairly general love poem that will tell your partner how you feel.

But feel free to change it up and include your own personal thoughts and feelings.

Simply add/remove any stanza you wish. You could even mix and match your favorite stanzas from the other verses that you'll read below.

Best of luck with your relationship, and I hope that mutual love is always in your heart and in your life.

Loving You Always

A few words to express,
the love that I feel.
Loving you always,
is beautifully real.

I love you each morning,
from my dreams when I wake.
Sweet morning kisses,
I get excited to make.

I love you at lunchtime,
when my hungry soul craves.
Each moment with you,
my mind passionately saves.

I love you each evening,
when my body shall tire.
Just thinking of you,
my heart feels the fire.

I love you at night,
when the world is asleep.
This love that I feel,
is eternally deep.

Loving you always,
from morning till night.
Brings joy to my life,
and lots of delight.


Let's write one more general love verse before we begin looking into more specific ones. So if you're looking for a general one, then you'll be able to choose between the first one and this next one. Enjoy!

What Does Love Mean?

If love means to cherish,
and honor a sweet soul.
Inscribed on my heart,
with you I feel whole.

If love means to be patient,
cheerful and kind.
Nothing is more important,
than you on my mind.

If love means to be selfless,
and always forgive.
A mere glance into your eyes,
and forever I'll live.

If love means to joyously,
every moment to share.
For your continued happiness,
more than anything, I care.

If love means to always,
listen and respect.
With every soft kiss,
I strive to connect.

If love means to give up,
all the mountains on earth.
I would do so instantly,
for our love has infinite worth.

If love means to be there,
through the thick and the thin.
With your love in my heart,
each day I shall win.


After reading that poem, what does love mean to you? What are some of the thing that enter your mind?

A Love Poem For a Wonderful Boyfriend

You are my support,
you are my rock.
I love hearing your voice,
whenever we talk.

We're so great together,
we're on the same page.
Our hearts dance with passion,
on our personal stage.

What I am trying,
to genuinely say.
Is that I love you so dearly,
in more than one way.

You're a wonderful boyfriend,
my dreams have come true.
I get so excited,
when I'm next to you.

Thank you for everything,
and all the things you have done.
You bring light to my days,
just like the sun.

I love you so dearly,
I love you right now.
When I taste our sweet love,
I simply say, "Wow!"


I'm sure your boyfriend will like that cute poem when you share it with him. The first stanza is meant to grab his attention by stating that he his your rock and support system.

Best of luck sharing it with him.

A Love Poem for a Sweet Husband

If you're looking for a love poem for your husband, then I'm pretty sure you'll like this next one. When I was brainstorming the ideas for this poem, I just thought of some of the things I think my wife would include in it if she shared it with me.

I'm So Darn Lucky

I'm so darn lucky,
this is quite true.
To have a sweet husband,
so wonderfully like you.

You are fantastically amazing,
From my heart, I really mean.
You are my loving King,
and I am your Queen.

I'm so darn lucky,
for all the love that we share.
About my well-being,
from day one, you did care.

Our love is immense,
with mere words, hard to explain.
You are my sunshine,
when we dance in the rain.

I'm so darn lucky,
to have a husband like you.
Holding your hand,
life has a beautiful view.

Just one more thing,
please allow me to say.
My love grows for you,
with each passing day.


I added the last stanza the moment I remembered how Anita always tells me that her love for me grows every single day.

A Love Poem for a Precious Wife

Over the years, I've written my wife many poems about how much I love her. She actually plans on making a scrapbook out of them.

This is by far the easiest category for me, because I am always infinitely inspired by her love. I don't have to use my imagination, like I do for most of the other categories. I simply look into my heart, and express how I feel.

You may also want to check out these romantic poems.

Good luck sharing the following love poem with your precious wife.

My Wife

I love you so dearly,
I love you so much.
My life would be empty,
without your voice and your touch.

You are my precious wife,
that I truly adore.
All of my love,
into your heart I do pour.

All the simple things,
make life with you sweet.
Like those kisses we share,
each morning we greet.

You're the most beautiful wife,
both inside and out.
Our love bloomed like a flower,
it began with a sprout.

All of my blessings,
I count every day.
You are so priceless,
I shall always display.

I am the richest,
in this journey called life.
My wealth is eternal,
because you are my wife.


I hope that poem helps you surprise your wonderful wife and helps put a huge smile on her face. You could always place the poem inside a nice bouquet of flowers, or a romantic card.

A Love Poem for a Beautiful Girlfriend

Show your girlfriend how much you love and adore her with the following poem that was specifically written to be shared with girlfriends.

Our Bond

Into your beautiful eyes,
with raw obsession I stare.
With each passing breeze,
I watch your smooth silky hair.

But that's just the beginning,
next comes your voice.
As I hear you approach,
with each word I rejoice.

When you're walking towards me,
it's just the way that you move.
I can't wait to hold you,
as I totally approve.

Our lips unite in celebration,
while holding you close.
The love that we share,
is like a scent from a rose.

Our hearts sing together,
with each passing beat.
I live for these moments,
they're always so sweet.

I love you my sweetheart,
there's so much more and beyond,
these words that I speak,
are just the tip of our bond.


Now that love poem was probably the most romantic out of the bunch. Have fun sharing it with that special lady in your life.