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Endure the time apart with these long-distance relationship gifts that will strengthen your connection

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Endure the time apart with these long-distance relationship gifts that will strengthen your connection

If you miss your loved ones and would love to prepare a gift for them, this is the perfect place. Make your significant other remember you whenever they look at the gift you will get them.

We know that once you give them one of these gift that the distance between you and your partner will have shrunk a little bit.

Best value gifts for long distance relationships

Check out these amazing gifts for your significant other.  Price up until $20.

If you miss me hug this pillow


When you have come home from a hard day at work and all you want is the warm embrace of your partner, it can be hard to find them not there. With this wonderfully soft and cuddly pillow case you can atleast feel like you are giving them a hug.

Why not get one for each of you and then when you are spending time on the phone together you could each snuggle up against it, thinking of each other. It is also made from 100% cotton so that it won't irritate your skin and leave you feeling worse than before! This makes for a really romantic gift that would easily fit in the post to your significant other living away from you.

I love you more than the miles between us keyring


A really sweet sentiment, this keyring would make for a lovely surprise gift to make your loved one smile. We know it can be hard to spend time away from each other which is why you need to be inventive to keep the relationship strong.

The keyring is made of high quality stainless steel. You do not need to worry about your keychain getting rusty. It also has a very low rate of skin irritation and it will not tarnish or fade so it requires minimal maintenance. This gift will last forever, just as the love between you and your partner.

Long Distance Relationship Bracelet


These lovely bracelets are hand-knotted with very sturdy nylon string. They will not break and are meant to last, we are confident you will love them! The gift is very meaningful and it is perfect for occasions such as when a loved one is leaving for some time.

They make the moment of goodbye a little bit easier and whenever either of you two will look at the bracelet, they will remember you. You can give a bracelet to a close friend or to your significant other. You are not just buying a gift for someone special, you are also putting one on your own wrist. The bracelets will arrive hand wrapped and ready to be given to the person you want to surprise.

Mid-range gifts for long distance relationships

We have even more gifts for your loved ones. Price range: $20 - $40

I Miss Your Face Teddy Bear


It may be a bit naf but sometimes we need a bit of naf in our lives. This velvety soft bear is a unique way to say I miss your face and wish that we were together. The bear is made from a high quality soft polyester fleece material. The bear is about the size of a wine bottle and is the perfect size for cuddling or for placing on the bed or the end table.

It just about fits in the post so if your loved one is feeling particularly down about the distance between them, put a smile on their face by sending this to their home or office. We know it can be tough to be apart but if you make the effort to send little romantic gestures every once in a while, it won't be so difficult.

VILIGHT Long Distance Relationship Picture Frame


Why not buy two of these picture frames, one for you and one for your loved one that you can each place next to your beds. That way you can look at it together and remind each other about your love. I know it is tough to be apart but at least you can spend time looking at each other's picture and chatting together over the phone.

This wood string art picture frame comes with hanging hardware attached, but is also able to stand by itself if you prefer not to hang it on a wall. The lovely patterns on it are designed and handmade with cotton lines making it unique and special.

Couples' Pillowcase


This pillowcase set is a soothing reminder from you to them that you're here, you'll always be here, and you're always theirs. Keep your loved one on your mind all day long with these pillowcases, and they'll keep your heart warm with reminders of your infinite love.

Surprise your long distance love with this adorable gift that shows them that you are always there at the end of the phonelne. If you want to get one set, why not set them one pillowcase for their bed and then one pillowcase for you. Lie on them together while on the phone and connect together.

Something Special: High-end gifts for long distance relationships

Treat those you love to something memorable to keep the spark alive in long distance relationships with prices above $40.

Set of 2 Friendship Lamps


Connect with those you love, no matter where they live in the world. Touch your friendship lamp and their lamp will light up, the same color as yours! You can connect as many lamps together as you wish. Each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi, and then touches the lamp whenever they are thinking of their loved ones.

Perfect for parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, or the significant other that is not currently near you. Choose a different color for each family member, play color wars with your niece or nephew, or just let your best friend know you are thinking of them.

Glass Keepsake Gift Jar


Surprise someone with a touch of mystery, a handful of fun and a load of thoughtfulness! Each KindNotes starts with a beautiful keepsake jar that is filled with 31 linen decorative envelopes, each carrying inside its own special message for your recipient to enjoy in their own way, as often as wanted.

KindNotes can be given to friends, family, and loved ones. It will serve as a way to brighten their day and warm their hearts, especially on the bad days when they need a little motivation. Words have a tremendous amount of power, and sending a gift that can be read again and again is a reminder that someone is thinking about them.

His and Hers Distance Bracelets


Distance Bracelets are designed for couples to feel connected even when they are apart. Whether you're thousands of miles away from each other or just separated by a long day at work, they are a constant and subtle reminder of that special love in your life. Time apart is hard enough as it is, find comfort in always having a piece of each other with you at all times.

These bracelets are very comfortable and durable. They will not break or fall apart as soon as you receive them. The steel has been polished and will not crack, fade or rust. It also comes in a lovely velvet presentation pouch, perfectly wrapped up ready to give as a gift.