Life is Too Short Poem

Life is Too Short Poem

This morning I’m going to try to write a life is too short poem. I’m sure we can all come up with many things we would like to do more of or try. Off the top of my head, I can think of simple things, including, spending more time with family and friends, trying new activities, eating more ice cream and cake. I guess it comes down to striving to be happy on a daily basis and living in the moment (while planning for the future).

Life is Too Short

That life is too short,
we all simply agree.
We must open our eyes,
and honestly see.

The experiences we strive for,
may seem hard to achieve.
They’re within our reach,
if we strongly believe.

Life is too short,
let’s not hold a grudge.
We should encourage others,
not scornfully judge.

If we have a dream,
let’s passionately strive.
Using our courage and hope,
with both feet we should dive.

Life is too short,
we should stop and smell the flowers.
Dance in the rain,
during August warm showers.

It’s obviously clear,
that life is too short.
So let’s spend it with those,
who love and support.


When I was younger, I was much more open to greater risk taking. My youthful sense of invincibility with my confidence and competitive nature were not the best of combinations. I understand that for the next 30 years or so, the majority of my decisions will need to be fairly conservative. That’s simply because I know I will need to be there for my wife and kids.

But once I reach a certain age, my life is too short philosophy will definitely kick in and I’ll become an adventuring maniac skydiving, rock climbing, and doing all that cool stuff.

However, there are certain views I will always strive to act upon no matter my age. Since, “life is too short”, I will always work on being kind to others. I will also work on developing deeper relationships with my family and friends.

Professionally, I’ll always strive to create as much value as I can for others. I will make sure to share all my knowledge that I have attained and will stumble upon in the future. I will work on using this knowledge to do good things that coincide with my values (because life is too short).

I try to continuously remind myself to stop and smell the flowers. To not let life just pass me by. But instead, be an active participant. I also promise to always put my family first and to never hold a grudge, (because life is simply too short).

Finally, I would like to wish you my reader, a beautiful life. A life of your dreams. A life filled with amazing experiences. A life with good people that love you for who you are. A life of good health and happiness. I wish you these things because you deserve it, and because life is too short.