Inspirational Poem for Students

Inspirational Poem for Students

The reason I decided to write the following inspirational poem for students is because I’ve been one for a long time. So, I know how it is in grade school, high school, and university.

The routine that goes along with being a student may sometimes be demotivating. Well hopefully, this poem will inspire all those countless students out there.

Learn What You Love

Parents preach that
we must work hard when we learn.
It shall determine,
how much we do earn.

Sure making dough,
is liberating and great,
But if you love what you do,
your job you won’t hate.

I recommend,
that you follow your passions,
It’s not about trends,
or job market fashions.

The trick is to learn,
what you enjoy,
It won’t seem like work,
but rather a toy.

If you require,
a bit of direction,
Try different things
and make your selection.

Learn what you love,
feed your obsession.
In the end,
it will be your profession.


I really enjoyed writing this poem because I do have a few opinions about inspiring students. I see it all the time, where parents try to direct their children to study and pursue professions that the parents recommend.

Parents may feel strongly about directing their children into certain fields because:

  • They want their child to end up in a high paying profession. This mentality may be motivated by the fact that many parents simply wish for their children to have a better life and be more successful financially than they were. Another reason may be socially motivated. Parents often seek bragging rights between friends and family, when their children are highly paid professionals such as doctors or lawyers.
  • Parents may also try to live through their children, and lead them to focus on something that they did not accomplish or weren’t able to become.

I think the most important thing for parents is to believe in their children and always encourage them to follow their passions (whatever those passions may be). Encouragement is magical in the sense that it will inspire anyone to excel at following their own dreams.

There’s two reasons why I strongly believe in allowing children the freedom to study what they enjoy and become whoever they wish:

  • They will be happy. It’s no secret that when someone loves what they are doing, they are happy. Just look in the mirror for this one.
  • They will do great. If a child is encouraged and allowed to follow his or her dreams, this child has a great chance at becoming a true expert and valuable authority in their field of study. So if my daughter comes to me one day and tells me that she wants to go to culinary school because she loves to cook and enjoys making others happy. I will definitely support her decision and passion 100%. In addition, I will encourage her, and that will further inspire her and she’ll become a great chef.

I hope this inspirational poem for students reaches those that need some advice.

And remember, “Learn What You Love!”