Inspirational Poem for Kids

Inspirational Poem for Kids

My Child

You’re a great kid,
I’m so proud of you.
You eat all your food,
and vegetables too.

I enjoy listening,
when you say,
things you learn,
every single day.

Where did you get,
your HUGE imagination?
We always have fun,
when we go on vacation.

I know you work hard,
when you’re at school.
Learning new things,
is fun and real cool.

Just remember,
it’s great to explore,
Singing is fun,
when doing a chore.

What are your favourite
stories to read?
Thanks for asking nicely,
when there’s something you need.

All those ideas,
in your mind,
Are very interesting,
where did you find?

With all your friends,
you play games and share,
That shows me,
you really care.

It’s ok,
to make mistakes,
No big deal,
when something breaks.

I know you always,
try real hard.
I smile with joy,
when you make me a card.

I love you my child,
just wanted to say.
Lots of hugs and kisses,
I promise each day.