I am Baker

I am Baker

I’d like to share a poem I wrote about a special lady named Amanda and her wonderful family (husband Chad, and kids, Colton, Audrey, Parker, and baby Eddie). Her blog is located at iambaker.net, and after reading a bunch of her posts, I became truly inspired by her values, family, and lifestyle.

I hope this poem, and Amanda’s blog also inspires you.

I am Baker

She’s a wonderful mother,
and the most loving wife.
A few words about her,
passions and life.

It’s deliciously obvious,
that she loves to bake.
For each day of the year,
she’s got an idea and cake.

Her baked sensations,
make us all drool.
She’s positive and happy,
now that’s very cool.

Her four beautiful children,
constantly surprise and inspire.
That country lifestyle,
many admire.

She loves them infinitely,
and shall always protect.
With God by her side,
strives to reflect.

She looks at her kids,
they’re growing too fast.
Her collection of memories,
is digitally vast.

With Christian values and Chad,
they’re mutually raising.
Counting their blessings,
and gratefully praising.

Audrey is just two,
but exceptionally smart.
Photos of her,
are prettier than art.

She blesses the world,
through her smiles and joy.
Playing with brothers,
is her ultimate toy.

Colton is caring,
a bit shy and reserved.
He’s a natural athlete,
that’s been observed.

A very happy baby,
his name is Eddie.
For lots of entertainment,
he’s excited and ready.

Parker is a trooper,
makes chairs and catches fish,
To feed his curiosity,
is his adventurous wish.

Last but not least,
is amazing Chad.
A thoughtful husband,
and exceptional dad.

For his loving family,
he always finds time.
Works very hard,
Mount Everest would climb.

As you can see,
she’s lucky and blessed.
But just like the rest of us,
sometimes gets stressed.

We’re excited to taste,
her next creation.
We know where she gets,
her inspiration.

At the end of the day,
she’s honest and true.
Enjoys each day,
with a beautiful view.

by tree.cards