Happy Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Poems

This page features a collection of unique and rhyming happy birthday poems. The verses are quite simple, easy flowing, and may be shared with moms, dads, daughters, sons, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or anyone else you'd like.

I've shared the first one with my sister and my grandma.

I wish my grandpa was still around so that I could share a funny one with him (he always had a great sense of humor).

You certainly do not need to share them only with your immediate family.

I often share these poems with my uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and even strangers on the street.

Ok, maybe not strangers, but maybe I'll start doing that.

It's all about brightening someone's day. It usually doesn't take much (just a few thoughtful words).


Happy birthday,
I wish you the best.
And lots of love,
that's clearly expressed.

I wish you everything,
that you sincerely desire.
The most wonderful memories,
I hope you acquire.

Happy birthday,
and countless more years.
I'm excited to join,
the party and cheers.

For so many of us,
you're a joy that is true.
How much you mean to us,
if only you knew.

Happy birthday,
may all your joys shine.
Our mutual laughter,
is a very good sign.

By tree.cards


Happy birthday,
and another great year.
Celebrate cheerfully,
with those that are dear.

You may ask frankly,
where time has gone.
Tomorrow you may try,
to wake before dawn.

But life is not merely,
about counting those hours.
It's all about moments,
and smelling those flowers.

Happy birthday,
and another great year,
Mistakes from the past,
there's no need to fear.

With your great big smile,
simply look ahead.
And your positive energy,
generously spread.

Happy birthday,
one more sweet time.
May it flow smoothly,
just like this rhyme.

By tree.cards

Just like the above poem states, time does pass really quickly. Next thing we know we're six years older or even ten years older. It always seems like it was just yesterday that we celebrated this or that birthday.

Unfortunately, we will never be able to stop or slow down time. The only thing we could do is savour each day, each birthday, each celebration, each candle. We need to express our feelings openly with the people in our lives, because none of us will be here forever.

Happy Birthday Card Poem

Express your wishes/greetings with the following happy birthday card poem. You could always add your own verse to personalize your card a bit.

True Words

Happy birthday,
this card is for you.
It's nothing special,
but the words are all true.

I wish you countless,
gifts from the heart.
And the joys of today,
never depart.

Happy birthday,
you're in my mind.
Especially the fact,
that you're humble and kind.

May the rest of your life,
be cheerful and sweet.
Filled with adventure,
and sand on your feet.

Happy birthday,
and so many more.
Your gifts and blessings,
hope you adore.

By tree.cards

Well, I hope this poem fits perfectly inside that birthday greeting card that you've chosen. Best of luck sharing it.

Happy Birthday Poem for a Daughter

The following happy birthday poem was written to be shared with a daughter. So if you're fortunate enough to have a daughter in your life, feel free to share it with her. It's also inspirational I'm sure you could tell by the title.

Follow Your Heart

Happy birthday,
with love and affection.
Follow your heart,
in your desired direction.

Just look inside,
and you'll find your passion.
Your sweet love for life,
share and don't ration.

Happy birthday,
you have so much potential.
Your magnetic smile,
is truly essential.

So much faith in you,
I've always held tight,
Having you in my life,
has been a splendid delight.

Happy birthday,
may another chapter begin.
Follow your heart,
and always you'll win.

By tree.cards

You may need to change the "I" to a "we" if the poem is from both parents.

Now you just need to decide which happy birthday poem you like the best. Well, I hope it brings lots of happiness to whomever you decide to share it with.