Haiku Poetry

Haiku Poetry

This is my first attempt at writing haiku poetry. I will not be following all of the strict traditional guidelines that accompany this style of poetry. Instead, these will be my personal freestyle interpretations and notes.

Here's a list of a few rules that I will try to follow:

  • 3 short lines
  • 1 cutting word (still need to figure this one out)
  • 1 season word (simple enough)
  • no metaphor or rhyme (to me that's eternal pain)
  • have fun (an absolute must)

Chilly November breeze
cannot be stopped
our faces feel the cold pain

Bright orange sunrise
nourishes plants
repeatedly lost in the clouds

Summer oak bookshelf
collects dust particles
thoughtful roots died

Slipping down muddy slope
control has been lost
innocent victims are the crushed plants

Slippery fish jumps
seeks adventure
teases hawks sharp grasp