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Creative gifts for your book lover friends

. 4 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Creative gifts for your book lover friends

Many people would choose to play on their computer or spend time on their social media but nothing compares to reading a book. Well, we know that these gadgets have a lot of interesting features, but reading a book may boots your vocabulary, increases your imagination and provides you knowledge.

Reading books has become so underrated that people who actually read are so little. So by buying your friend a book you open a new door for their imagination.

Best value gifts of book lovers

The gifts listed in this section are all under $20 making them the perfect gist for one of your friends.

Natural Walnut Wood Bookmark Thumb


This page holder helps you read with just one hand and keeps the pages in your book wide open to comfortably read with one hand, so still have a free hand for coffee or food. It is lightweight, compact and portable. Can be used for thick or thin books. Simply slide your thumb, record your favorite book and the two wings keep it open. A great gift idea for bookworms, bibliophiles or anyone who likes to read books or collect new items.

Crystal Tear Gemstones Bookmark


This Crystal Tear Gemstone bookmark helps you find your book page. It is made out of metal alloy and does not harm the book pages. It is decorated with stars, moon and sun patters which makes it look elegant and fascinating. It is light weight, which makes it easier to carry around. These are perfect as birthday gifts for your family members, friends, colleagues, partners, teachers.

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses


For your book lover friend that read a lot this gift would be perfect. This frame has the advantages of super lightness, abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient and so on. It can effectively protect our eyes and faces from the damage caused by the fracture and friction of the eyeglasses frame in the movement. Besides, it is metal hinge that is more stable.

Mid-range gifts for book lovers

All the gifts in this section are priced between $20-$40 making them ideal for your loved ones. The gifts reach every expectation your book lover friend had as a gift.

Tebery Owl Man Bookends


This gift holds books vertically organized and in place. Helps keep books on your shelf together. It supports the book and does not harm it. This accessory also helps arrange your books. Not only will it hold your friends book in place, but also it will be a nice decoration for his/her house.

1,000 Books to Read Before You Die


Covering various genres from history, to travel writing, to fiction and memoirs, this book comes filled with a 1,000 must-read stories to add to your library. The ultimate book for book lovers: the 1,000 must-read books across genres and eras, each accompanied by a thought-provoking short essay on why the book is so essential.

Book Cover World Map


A great looking cover is the first thing we notice about a book.It protects the book cover and the book pages. Its nice design is appealing and a great gift for your friend.

High-end gifts for book lovers

This final section contains gifts which are a little bit special for your book lover friend. Every gift here is above $40, which means the following gifts will certainly be appreciated by your loved ones.

Kindle paperwhite


In this little device you can carry as many books as you would like. You can read whatever you want and whenever you want. You can buy thousands of e-books and keep them in your personal library. Now you don’t have to handle the heavy weight of all your books you can just carry your kindle around. This would be a perfect gift for anyone especially for students in college or people who can’t stop reading.

Reading Cushion


The Queen Rose Pillow is much more than just an ordinary reading cushion. It serves as a sturdy and fully shaped bed back that supports the entire upper body like no other pillow. Make yourself comfortable in bed or on the couch and relax in our pillow arms while reading your favorite book. If you are looking for a pricey gift for your book lover friend this is the most valuable one.