Terrific gifts for teachers that have transformed your life

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Terrific gifts for teachers that have transformed your life

We all have teachers that we adore and make us love waking up and going to school every day. It is that time of year to show them a sign of appreciation for their devotion in teaching and how much their support means to you. In years to come when you look back, you will remember those teachers that made an impact on your life and only be filled with thanks for them. While you have them in your life now, reach out and give back to them a bit.

We have made a list for all those who are thinking of buying a gift for their teachers, coaches, instructors or professors. We know that your teacher will love having one of their students approach them with a nice thought and even better gift.

Best value gift for teachers

All the gifts in the section are priced beneath $20 making them ideal for a thoughtful present to your favourite teacher.

Vilight Teachers Gifts Mug


A teacher needs a favourite mug to take with them to school and what better than one that reminds them how awesome they are!  It takes a lot of sparkle to teach little minds is the perfeect sentiment and will  definetely bring a smile to your teacher’s face everytime they see it!

The mug is entirely handmade and each pattern is unique. This makes the gift even more personal. After ordering, the gift will arrive packaged with a cute box, ready for gift giving.

Water Bottle for Teacher


This gift will always remind your teacher to stay hydrated during the long hours they work! But more than that, we want to help your teacher stay motivated.  That is why every bottle is specially designed with the words Teach, Love, Inspire, to remind them what teaching can achieve.

The bottles can fit in most car cup holders. The designs are fun and they will motivate your teacher whenever they look at it. Your teacher will appreciate this gift and they will remember you whenever they take a sip from it.

Teacher Pencil Case


Every teacher needs this in their life! Some days it can feel like a battle at school despite your teaching knowing that it is all worth it. Gift them this pencil case and you could even fill it with a few other essentials such as pens and lip balm.

They work hard every day to shape you into a better person and help prepare them for life. Make their everyday a little bit easier and show them some appreciation with this super cute pencil case. It would be perfect as part of a larger end of year gift for any teacher.

Mid-range gifts for teachers

Here are some more ideas for teacher gifts in case you have not decided yet. Price range: $20 - $40.

Before School Mug and After School Coffee Glass


Let's not kid ourselves, we all need a caffeine kick in the moring before work and a glass of wine to wind down after work. Well your teacher is no different! Your teachers will enjoy a relaxing morning coffee with their mug and a relaxing evening with their new wine glass.

This is a great present for your teacher or for someone in your family that is a teacher. Perhaps you could add it together with some coffee beans and a bottle of wine as part of a larger present to show how much you appreciate them.

Teacher apron


A fantastic gift for a preschool teacher or your art teacher, this fully customisable and hand painted apron for a teacher is a highly orignal gift. It is also really practicable with big pockets on the front to place pens, pencils and paint brushes in.

You can also add the teachers name to the order and they will produce it with it proudly stamped across the front of it. Any teacher would be super proud to receive this from any student as they would know then what a great job it is they do.

Jigsaw piece necklace


What a wonderful peice of jewelry with the perfect sentiment to show how much teachers impact the lives of our children. Designed as a jigsaw piece that is meant to symbolise that piece by piece, together we help to buld children.

What is more, you can choose exactly how to customise this necklace. You can choose to have it finished in silver or gold and what style you wish to have. It makes for the ideal gift for that extra special teacher who has helped your little one the most.

Something special: high-end gifts for teachers

If you are graduating this year, you probably want to spoil a certain teacher and show them how much they have meant to you and the rest of your life. All these gifts are over $40 to show just how much they mean to you.

Engraved Flower Box


Handmade in a little kitchen in the USA, this engraved plant box with three masons jars is fully customisable. You send over to the lady what you would like to have written on it and it will come back really quickly.

It is a lovely way to show exactly how much a certain teacher means to you and what they have done for you. It is also perfect as a retirement keepsake for that teacher. It is made from solid wood and treated so it will last for many years to come.

Wooden periodic table


Is your favourite teacher a science teacher? If so, then this couldn't be a more perfect gift. This printed periodic table is designed across a board of high quality wood. It is super stylish and would look great up in their office. What is more they can actually use it in their classrooms as well.

As a science teacher they will have used the periodic table a million times so it is a really fun gift to give! Show that teacher who helped you conquer the hardest physics equations or stopped you from burning yourself with acid, just what they mean to you with this thoughtful gift.

The Best Teachers Noteworthy™ Windchime


Our final gift is a beautiful windchime by Notworthy that is customised to with the name of your teacher and a sentiment about who they best teachers are. If you are looking for something to give that is memorable and will be used by your teacher for man years to come, then this is the best option.

The windchimes are all tuned and will create a magical melody whenever a gust of wind tinkles throug them. The teachers in our lives all work incredibly hard so when they come home they need to create a bit of zen for themselves. There is nothing better than sitting with the evening sun on your face, listenng to the chime of music with glass of wine in your hand.