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8 gifts for musicians in your life that won’t just be left in the cupboard

. 5 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
8 gifts for musicians in your life that won’t just be left in the cupboard

We all have musicians in our lives. It might be that your son/husband is an aspiring rock guitarist. Or perhaps, your uncle is a flute aficionado. Or better still your grandma has recently joined up to the local gospel choir. Whoever it is, you want to show the muso in your life that you respect their art and support it with a gift that they can use to make music magic.

One thing you want to avoid when shopping for your musician friend or family member is buying something that looks cute but doesn’t actually do much in the music department. The last thing you want is to hit the right note by buying a musical gift but then having that note turn flat when it turns out it is just a piece of tat.

Not to worry, I have come up with the perfect composition of gift ideas for musicians that will have them singing from the rooftops and praising your gift buying abilities. Pick something off this list and trust me, they will love you for it.

Best Value Gifts for Musicians

Let’s kick off this list with a selection of the best value for money gifts for musicians. Whether you are on a budget or just looking to pick up something for a stocking filler, these gifts will not disappoint.

Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder


Coming in at $11.99, the metal music book clip and page holder is a premium, high quality gift for a very reasonable price. Used by all musicians who use sheet music, this gift will be appreciated by most music lovers.

Finished with a mirror polish and coming with its own carry case, the metal music book clip and page holder by Stelle & Hagen is a beautiful thing to look at and own. It is also super practical with it being able to hold around 250 pages either side, making it the go-to page holder for those musician supremos in your life who regularly battle their way through a concertos or two.

Creanoso Vintage Guitar Picks (12-Pack)


A guitarist can never have too many guitar picks as small little picks are easily lost when travelling from gig to gig or when enthusiastically strumming ‘A stairway to heaven’. This vintage selection coming in at $12.99 is an excellent gift for all budding guitarists.

It has a range of different designs and is made from premium celluloid material with a medium gauge making them extremely durable. These little babies will keep you guitarist friend or family member happily strumming away for hours and hours. You never know, if they make it big, they might credit you and your thoughtful gift for getting them there!

This is a Sharp, Not a Hashtag Glass Coffee Mug


Yes, this gift item is not strictly a musical gift but it will certainly be appreciated by the music lovers in your life. Having a bit of fun with the original meaning of the symbol #, this mug will be proudly taken to work by all those musicians in your life who like to make a statement when drinking their coffee.

Made from glass and priced at just $12.96, this is the ideal present for your best friend at work who thinks that air guitar is a legitimate form of music. Grab one now and stick it in the secret santa.

Mid-range gifts for musicians

If a loved one close to you lives for music, you will certainly want to buy them something that demonstrates that you have noticed their beloved hobby. When this is the case, something above the budget price range is in order, especially when it is a birthday or Christmas present. These three mid-range gifts for musicians are just the ticket for impressing your muso loved ones.

GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano


This exquisitely made thumb piano, crafted from the finest mahogany, is a steal at $39.99. Not to mention, this gift is highly unexpected and will definitely be the most unique present your family member or friend receives this year.

What is more, it is also incredibly useful for musicians who love to compose their own music on the go. The thumb piano is portable and is played using the thumbs on both hands. It is easy to learn and you can quickly learn how to play a whole host of tunes and entertain your guests.

Nordic Essentials Aluminum Metal Universal Guitar Capo


When someone you know has just started to learn the guitar, a capo can be a useful gift. Designed to make it easier to play in different keys and to avoid having to use barre chords, the capo helps out a beginner guitar play hugely making them sound more advanced than they are.

This set of aluminum capos by Nordic Essentials priced at $21.95 is a fantastic gift for anyone new to guitar. These capos are also very lightweight and easy to store, meaning they won’t get left behind when the beginner quickly progresses and starts rocking the stages of the local music venues.

Licensed Marshall Jack Rack


This gift for a musician is perfect for those who don’t even play an instrument! Coming in at $34.99, this super cool gift is a branded Marshall key hanger that looks just like a guitar amp.

Easy to install and coming with 4 guitar plug keychains, this gift is seriously going to appeal to the music lovers in your life.

Something special: high-end gifts for musicians

Finally, if you have someone in your life that you want to spoil or a budding musical talent that you want to help develop, you might be looking to splash a bit more cash. These last two gifts are that something special for the musician in your life.

Hamzer 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano


This highly rated keyboard is a must for anyone starting to learn how to play. Coming with a stool, keyboard, microphone and headphones, it is very reasonably priced at $116.99. What is more, as it is designed for beginner to intermediate levels, it has an integrated learning system that teaches the person how to use it through a series of lessons.

It has tons of cool effects that will appeal to the Ross in your life who wants to rock out to helicopter noises. Not to mention it features the ability to record your creations!

Roland Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set


Now we are really rocking! Priced at $499.99, this electronic drum set by Roland is certainly a luxury gift. But if you want to make a statement or have the cash to splash, then this definitely represents the best of music and technology coming together.

This drum kit might be electronic but sounds and plays exactly like a real drum set. What is more, you can plug this one in to your headphones, making it a wise choice if you are buying this for your teenager. This is everything the drummer in your life needs to make a real go at being a drummer. You will be known forever as the person that started their rock drummer career!

So there you have it, a full list of the coolest, most useful gifts for musicians that you can get right now. If you want to impress your muso friends and family member then as long as you stick to the script, you can’t go wrong with any of the gifts listed above. They will be very impressed that you remembered their favourite hobby and even more impressed that it is something they can use to develop their musical talents further. All I can say now is that I hope they can play well as you will be hearing a lot more of their playing from now on!