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Be a master gift-giver with these gifts for mechanics that will see them out in the garage for days

. 5 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Be a master gift-giver with these gifts for mechanics that will see them out in the garage for days

Being a mechanic is a very popular job. Being a mechanic hobbyist is even more popular. That means you will very likely be in the position of buying a gift for a mechanic. Just like the job itself, mechanics like practical items that they can actually use to master their craft even further.

That is why every gift on this list has been checked for usability. Each gift has received loads of positive reviews from other people who have bought these gifts for a mechanic. The list contains a good selection of gifts priced from low to high. So whether you are looking for a gift to put in the Secret Santa at work or if you are searching for something special for a loved one, you can find what you need here.

Best value gifts for mechanics

All the gifts in this section represent great budget options for any mechanic you are looking to buy for.

Magnet 3 LED Magnetic Pickup tool


These super handy little flashlights are designed for all types of handy jobs that can be awkward and require you to be able to see in confined spaces. Under the hood of a car is certainly one of those confined spaces, making this LED Magnetic Pickup Tool by Vibelight a brilliant gift idea for mechanics.

Not only do these beauties shine light inside the car engine, they have flexible extension tools that magnetically pick up washers, nuts and screws from places that your hands can’t fit. There is nothing worse than dropping metal inside a car engine, so trust me, the mechanic who you are buying for will be really excited by this gift as it will really help them out in a jam.

LED Knitted Headlamp Winter Beanie


When you are a mechanic, whether professional or as a hobby, it can feel at times like you need an extra set of hands. Tinkering around with an engine of a car requires a lot of dexterity. So if you are searching for a well received gift for a mechanic, then you really can’t go wrong with this rechargeable LED beanie.

Not only will keep them warm in the winter but it will free a hand from having to hold a flashlight to see into the interior of the engine. It is a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for any mechanic you might know.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads


When you are under the hood of a car all day, rolling about on your knees, your body can take a beating. No matter your age or fitness level, you will wear down your knees and causing them to ache if you are kneeling all day. That is why the NoCry Professional Knee Pads are a great gift to get a mechanic.

Not only do they make you look like a pro, they also give you pro protection by taking the pressure off the knee and making it possible to spend much more time under the hood. They are also very reasonably priced and make an excellent gift option for any mechanic in your life.

Mid-range gifts for mechanics

More times than not you want to buy something which is around $20 - $40 for a gift. All the gifts in the mid-range section are handpicked as excellent options for any mechanic you are looking to buy a quality gift for.

VAMPLIERS. World's Best Pliers


When you are faced with a rust ridden car engine you are almost certainly going to find a whole range of screws, nuts and bolts that are welded tight. In order to fix the engine you must remove these damaged screws. However if you are not careful you might break the screw and then you have a much bigger job on your hands trying to dig it out from where it is stuck.

Enter centre stage the Vampliers. This magical plier has a specially designed grip to remove the most stuck screws completely. If you want to wow a mechanic friend or family member with an unusual gift that will be very appreciated, this is definitely the one to get.

HORUSDY 100-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set


When you are in to fixing cars, something you find out really quickly is that all the nuts, bolts and screws are different. It can be frustrating to start working on a car only to find that you don’t have the right screwdriver head to get the screws out.

Well if you gift this 100-piece magnetic screwdriver set to any mechanic in your life, if the don’t have the right head now then the problem is not with the screw! Truly, this gift is a useful and much appreciated gift for any car hobbyist. It comes in a smart holding case that would not be out of place in a real mechanic’s workshop.

Something special: high-end gifts for mechanics

When you want to impress with a gift that is a bit more pricey, then the following gifts are all quality gifts for mechanics that are well worth the money. You can rest assured that if you buy anything from this list, your gift will be loved and well used by any mechanic in your life.

Padded Adjustable Mechanic Stool


Turn any garage into a real mechanic’s workshop with the ultra cool Torin Big Red Mechanic Stool. If you want to buy a gift for a mechanic that they will love, this is the answer. A super useful gift, the mechanic stool is completely adjustable and made to last.

It has a hand tray at the bottom of the stool so that you can easily grab the tools you need when you are busy at work under the hood of a car. It is made from reinforced steel so it is suitable for any size mechanic that you have to buy for! The stool also comes in bright red, making it stand out and make a statement in any workshop.

Foldable Z Creeper


You need to be comfortable when working up a car as you will certainly stay in that position for a few hours. This creeper is made of sturdy stuff and accommodate anyone up to 450 lbs. Any mechanic that you buy this for will be incredibly grateful as they will no longer have to stretch themselves out on blankets.

The wheels make it really easy to move about under the car. What is more, the creeper easily converts into a comfortable stool for all the jobs you have that need you sitting up rather than lying down. This something special gift is a worthwhile present for the mechanic in your life and will be well received.

Hti-Xintai Portable Video Borescope


Let’s get serious for a moment as this is a serious piece of kit. The Hti-Xintai Portable Video Borescope is certainly something special for the mechanic in your life. It works by projecting a video feed onto a screen and a cable that can be inserted into the hardest to reach areas of any car engine.

Particularly if the person you are buying for is a vintage car collector, having a sensitive tool such as this which won’t cause any damage when you are inspecting the engine, will be very well received. It receives incredible ratings because of the quality of the video feed and that it is powered only with batteries making it portable. This really is a professional gift to give to any mechanic.