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Be a crafty gift giver with these 9 gifts for knitters

. 7 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Be a crafty gift giver with these 9 gifts for knitters

The really good thing about having a knitter to buy for is that they love to receive presents that help them complete their latest project. They always have something in the works, maybe they are knitting a baby grow for their nephew or perhaps they are creating a full scale knitted nativity scene. Whatever it is they are knitting, they need supplies and lots of them.

When it comes time to buy a gift for a knitter, then you really can’t go wrong with buying something that they can use in their beloved craft. That being said, buying balls of yarn is not really that creative, plus they normally need a specific yarn or thread colour. So, instead check out these 9 gifts for knitters that can be used in any project that they are working on and will certainly be appreciated.

Best value gifts for knitters

All the gifts in this section are under $20 and are perfect as stocking fillers or a gift for a friend.

Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag


Nobody wants their balls to get tangled together and their needles to be left around the house to get damaged. That is why the Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag is the perfect place to store all of your knitting gear. Lightweight and durable it is specifically designed for storing yarn and needles in up to the size of 14 inches.

But that is not all this bag does! It is actually designed to feed your yarn as well through 4 differently sized grommets on the side of the bag. Trust me if you give this tote bag to a knitter, they will know that it is infinitely more useful than just a storage bag!

Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant


This one gift for knitters is incredibly unique as well as being incredibly useful. If your knitter friend or family doesn’t have one of these, or perhaps doesn’t even know they exist, they will be extremely grateful to you for introducing it to their crafting world!

Designed as a pendant that you wear around your neck, this little beauty has the ability to cut yarn quickly and cleanly by passing the yarn through any of the 6 steel blades that are concealed within the necklace. No more having to break yarn using your fingers or fumbling around for where you lost the scissors, the Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant is definitely the best gift you can give any knitter.

Knitting Know-How


Do you have a friend or family member that wants to take up knitting as a hobby? Then this book is the perfect gift. It contains a full set of lessons on how to knit, starting at the beginning and quickly progressing through the different knitting techniques.

Within no time at all your knitter friend will be able to tell the difference between a knit and a pearl. Hopefully they will remember when they start to knit properly that it was you that gave them this thoughtful gift so that you can benefit with lots of lovely knitted gifts!

Mid-range gifts for knitters

For gifts priced $20-$40 look out for something in this section. All of the gifts are perfect for you knitter friends and family members, especially if you are buying a Christmas or birthday present.

Knitting Bag Yarn Storage


Can’t you just store yarn in any old bag? The answer is no as the yarn is easily tangled and if it gets into a serious mess, the yarn gets wasted. The right way to store yarn, as any knitter will tell you, is in a purposefully made yarn storage bag.

That is why this knitting bag by Craftiss is the perfect gift for any knitting enthusiast as it is large, made for travelling, and has tons of accessories to help you store all of your knitting gear correctly. Something which I really like about it is that you can also easily fit your unfinished knitting projects into the pockets at the front when you are finished for the day.

150 Scandinavian Motifs


The Scandi style is never out of fashion, it is a timeless print that can be used for so many different projects. That is why this collection of 150 different Scandinavian motifs for knitters makes an ideal gift for any knitter in your life.

This book lists hundreds of practical ways to apply the motifs to your different projects, whether it is a sweater or a quilt. It also makes sure to go through the basics of how to effectively create these designs, such as how to use appropriate colours for best effect. This would make a lovely gift for a stocking filler or for a friend at work.

Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl


What is a yarn bowl I hear you ask? Well, that is a very good question, especially if you are searching for gifts for knitters. A yarn bowl is where you place a ball of yarn that you are using to knit with. It has a handy feeder built into it that feeds the yarn to you while knitting so that you don’t end up getting into a tangled mess.

Do you remember having to stand with the yarn over your two arms while your grandma knitted with it? Well, with the Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl you no longer have to subject unsuspecting relatives to yarn duty as this handy little bowl does it all for you. It really is a treasured item by any knitter and is a brilliant gift for them.

Knitter's Pride KP800415 Knit Blockers & Pin Kit


If you want to seriously impress with your knitting knowledge, then this final gift idea for knitters is an unexpected gift that it is very useful. What it does is pin out the final knitting masterpiece so that it can be steamed and set into position. This step is really important as otherwise the finished result will be a misshapen disaster.

This blocker and pin kit is a neat way to achieve the final setting of the project as it doesn’t mean you have to hand pin every pin and try to achieve a straight line. The blocker does all the work for you. It is a nifty knitting gadget that will be greatly received by any knitter as a gift.

Something special: high-end gifts for knitters

If you are searching for a special gift to commerate an occasion or to spoil a loved one, the gifts in this section are everything you need.

Knitter's Pride KP140301 Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Needles Set


These are the kings of the knitting needle world and make an ideal gift for any knitting aficionado. The Knitter’s Pride needles are interchangeable and come in a whole range of sizes. They are loved by knitters as they don’t slip at all and are very smooth in the hands.

These are things which are very important to serious knitters as they will be using the needles a lot so they need them to be tough and feel soft in their hands. So, if you are looking to impress with your knowledge of the best of the best needles, this is certainly the present for you to give!

Premium Knitter Yarn Swift 24" (One Size Fits All) Umbrella


This gift is a lovely old fashioned item that knitters have been using for years to help them keep their yarn balls untangled and their knitting quick and smooth. It works by threading the yarn through the birch wood arms and then as the knitter knits it spins away releasing more thread.

It is a relaxing sight to see it twirling and this model is completely squeak free meaning it won’t break the peace and quiet of spending time sitting and knitting. If you are searching for a thoughtful gift for any knitter in your life, this is certainly a good option.

Whichever gift you choose off this list will definitely be appreciated by the knitters in your life. They love their hobby and they love it even more when someone recognises that it is important to them in their lives. Show them you noticed them by buying a thoughtful gift for knitters.