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Great gifts for horse lovers and equestrians that will have them giddying up with happiness!

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Great gifts for horse lovers and equestrians that will have them giddying up with happiness!

Riding through the fields that have been freshly cut with the wind in your hair is the absolute best way to spend a saturday. People have been riding horses for millenia, making them one of our closest animal companions. That is why you will probably know somebody who is an equestrian or horse lover. They may ride horses or perhaps they like to care for them on the ground. Either way, horses are very important to them and take up part of their life.

If this is the case, it would be really nice to recognise your friend or family member's love of horses with a gift that tailored to this passion. There are loads of other people out there who also love horses and have created some beautiful gifts for those like them. All of the gifts on this list have been selected by equestrians for use by equestrians so you can guarantee that they will be loved by those you give them to.

Best value gifts for horse lovers

Find a gift in this section that is priced beneath $20 that would be the ideal small gift or stocking filler for a horse lover.

Ariat Women's Stripe Horse Over The Calf Novelty Sock


Designed and made by the famous equestrian atelier Ariat, these over the calf socks are not only fun but also really useful. They fit snugly under a pair of knee length riding boots. They are also super breathable so that when you are working up a sweat galloping with your horse, you don't overheat in your boots and cause the skin to rub.

These socks would be well used by any horse lover, even those who don't ride as they would suit any boots. They are made from 100% cotton and for the price would make the perfect accompaniment to a larger equestrian themed present, such as a pair of riding boots perhaps?

Fresh cut hay candle


People who love horses are usually obsessed with everything about them as they spend so much time in the barn grooming them and tacking them up for a ride. They even love the way they smell. That is why this collection of candles by Grey Horse Candles are the perfect present for a horse lover. They have recreated all of the smells of the barn into high quality candles.

This variety, Fresh Cut Hay, is their most loved version with hordes of candle lovers fighting to get their hands on it! Don't worry there are plenty of them in stock. If you are looking for a gift for a horse lover, such as your best friend at work, this makes for a really fun gift that they will definitely get and appreciate! When lit it will transport them to memories of being in the barn, feeding their favourite horse fresh hay and brushing their maine.

Mid-range gifts for horse lovers

The gifts in this section are all priced between $20-$40 dollars making them perfect for birthday presents and gifts for family members.

Engraved Horseshoe Necklace


As a symbol of good luck, the horse shoe is often worn as a talisman. For horse lovers it takes on an added meaning as it also represents their favourite animal. If you are searching for a gift that a horse lover will keep and wear for a long time, then this engraved horseshoe necklace is a good option.

The name of your horse lover family member or friend will be engraved on the necklace and sent to you completely personalised. You can also select the length of the chain to make sure it is the perfect fit. This makes for a lovely and thoughtful birthday present for any horse lover.

Grooming Kit


One of the negatives of horse riding is that you must spend a lot on getting all of the kit you need to look after your horse properly. Caring for a horse does not simply mean taking it out for a ride and then putting it back in the stable. You need to feed it, clothe it and make sure it is kept clean.

Help out your equestrian friend or family member by getting them this complete grooming kit that contains everything they need to keep their beloved horse in the best of health. It has brushes, hoof picks and sponges all kept in a hand carry case. It is also super stylish and will proudly sit in any tack room.

Something special: high-end gifts for horse lovers

The gifts in this section are all high quality gifts that represent something a little bit special. They are beautiful gifts that will be adored by any horse lover.

Smokey Gray Horse Crown


We all love a bit of bling, including our beloved ponies. If you are searching for a special gift for a family member or friend who loves to ride, then why don't you consider this dazzling horse crown. Particularly if the person you are buying for rides in competitions, this a great gift to get.

The horse crown covers the ears of the horse and sits snugly across their forehead. It is edge with two rows of crystals that certainly suit the occasion of a horse show. They also serve a practical purpose of preventing the horse from getting scared from loud noises that they might encounter at a show.

Custom Horse Portrait


If you have a beloved family member who owns a horse, that horse is probably very special to them and they will spend a lot of time with it, riding it and looking after it. In the world of a horse lover, their horse is everything to them.

Show them that you recognise what is most important to them by commissioning a stunning custom horse print of their horse. All you do is include a photo of the horse when you make the order and they will send you a custom print in the same style as above. Wait for the reaction when your loved one opens up the print, it will be the best ever I bet!

ARIAT Women's Heritage Rt Zip Paddock Paddock Boot


The best of the best, these ARIAT paddock boots are a fantastic gift for any horse lover. These boots are professional all leather boots that fit snugly against the foot and can be used for on the ground work as well as for riding. They have a slight heel designed for riding. They are also lightweight on your feet which when you are wearing them all day makes a big difference.

If you are looking for a gift that will wow any horse lover in your life, then these are a fantastic option. Any product made by ARIAT is designed only for equestrians and is manufactured to last. These boots will be worn by your loved one for many years to come making it a gift that just keeps on giving!

Whichever gift you choose from this list, you are surely going to impress a horse lover with your knowledge of all things equestrian. You can guarantee that the gifts are useful, nothing on this list is going to break after a few tries. They are all road tested by hundreds of riders and horse lovers who give them the thumbs up!