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Energising gifts for hikers that will have them pumped to get out onto their favourite trails

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Energising gifts for hikers that will have them pumped to get out onto their favourite trails

There is nothing better than blowing off the cobwebs and hitting the trails. Hiking is well loved by lots of us as we like to get out of the city on the weekend, reconnect with nature and get some exercise at the same time. There are thousands of hiking trails to discover and endless possibilities to get back our zen. Those of us who hike might only go for a quick stroll up the paths with the dogs or some of us may take it further and like to camp out.

Whatever type of hiker they are, I am sure you know someone who loves to hike and when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, you will want to acknowledge their passion with a gift for hikers. There are tons of great gifts available for hikers, all of which are really practical and will help them get the most out of their hobby. I have picked out some of my favourites here. If you give any of the following gifts for hikers to your nearest and dearest, you are sure to impress.

Best value gifts for hikers

These gifts are all below $20 making them an excellent option when buying for friends.

Toes Home 6PCS Outdoor Magic Headband Elastic Seamless Bandana Scarf UV


If you have never used a bandana before then it is time to start. They are endless useful and can be worn by both men and women. These bandanas by Toes Home come in a pack of 6 and a huge range of colours and styles.

Essentially, you can use the bandana to keep you warm, keep the sun off your head, cover your nose and mouth when it is cold out and keep your hair out your face when hiking. If you have a friend or family member who loves to hike regularly, these are a really excellent present that they will probably use every time they hike. Grab a pack and stick them in their stocking or add it to a large gift for a hiker.

UST Tool-a-Long Multi-Tool Carabiners


This clever little carabiner clips to the side of your bag or on your trousers. It has a whole range of functions such as being a light, a flint and a bottle opener. It is a real lifesaver for hikers who are regularly out on the trails.

They might not know what they will find and they need to have tools with them just in case they come into any trouble. Coming in at less than ten bucks this gift is ideal as a secret santa or to go in a stocking. It may be little but it is mighty and the hiker you are giving it to will definitely appreciate its usefulness.  

Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet


If you have a hiker friend or family who regularly hikes in remote areas, they need specialist kit to keep them safe. The Nexfinity One Survival Paracord Bracelet is designed for emergencies. It unravels to create 10ft of rope. It has a flint to start a fire. It has a compass to find your way.

It has a collection of different tools to help you build and open things with. Give this to your hiker friend or family member and tell them to wear it around their wrist next time they hike. For the price this really is a super gift and could be a gamechanger.

Mid-range gifts for hikers

Buying a gift that supports a person’s hobby is always a good idea. These gifts for hikers are all between $20-$40 and are perfect for your hiker friend or family member’s birthday or Christmas present.

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles


When you are trekking up and down mountains and steep paths, the pressure on your knees can be a lot to handle and if not cared for correctly can result in knee damage. The best thing to do is to take preventative care of your knees by employing the use of trekking poles.

Not only will they help release pressure from your knees but they will also encourage you to use your arms more which doubles the exercise effect! When looking for a gift for a hiker, these trekking poles by TrailBuddy are first class, lightweight and come with different colourways and accessories.

The Greatest 100 Hikes of The National Parks Scratch Off Travel Print


Image result for The Greatest 100 Hikes of The National Parks Scratch Off Travel Print

If you are passionate about hiking and travelling then this scratch off travel print of the 100 greatest hikes of the national parks is a really nice momentum. Everytime you complete one of the listed hikes you get to scratch off the panel revealing a picture below.

Once you have completed them all, frame it and put it up on your wall to remember what you have achieved. If you have an active hiker that you would like to buy a gift for, especially one that inspires them to push even more with their hiking, this gift is particularly special. It is printed on high quality card and fits easily in a frame.

Lightweight Double Camping Hammock


There is nothing better than sleeping out under the stars but you must be careful about where you chose to sleep. You don’t want to find different animals and insects in bed with you in the morning! That is why the the Camping Hammock by MoMo Outdoors is perfect for slipping in to your rucksack and having with you in case you chose to sleep outside for the night.

It easily assembles with the help of some straps and carabiners. It also comes in lots of different colours and makes for a unique gift for hikers. Give this one to you active hiker loved ones and they will enjoy many a night under the stars thanks to your thoughtful gift.

Something special: high-end gifts for hikers

The final gifts on our list for hikers are ideal for marking special occasions such as a graduation or retirement.

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack


Is your son or daughter about to go off on a hike through the Andes or up to Machu Picchu during college? If so, then you might want to consider giving them a gift to support their upcoming hike such as the excellent Teton Sports Backpack.

This backpack is well known amongst hikers as it is lightweight with an internal frame and can easily support carrying most of your kit. It is also breathable making it suitable for hiking in hot climates.

Personalised Iconic Adventurer's Sundial Compass


The final gift on our list is definitely a special one and would be very well suited as a retirement gift. This personalized compass can be engraved with any phrase you wish.

It is a beautiful thing to hold in your hands and admire but it does also work. So if you have a hiker loved one who is retiring or having an important anniversary, then this work of art will definitely mark the occasion well.

All of the gifts on this list will definitely get your hiker friend or family energised and excited to hit the trials and getting hiking right away! As always with these gifts will always prize quality and function over gimmicks so rest assured they will be well used.