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Striking gifts for drummers that will have them rocking away for hours

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Striking gifts for drummers that will have them rocking away for hours

Admittedly, having a drummer in your life can be a double edged sword. You totally want to support them in their love of drumming but you also want them to do it in a place that you can’t hear it! So, fair warning with these gifts that unless you have a soundproofed garage, you may want to install one before giving these awesome gifts. That is because they are so banging that they will have your favourite drummer smashing that drum kit for hours!

In the selection of gifts below, you will find gifts for every budget. The first set of gifts are perfect for stocking fillers. The next set are ideal for presents for your family and friends. The final set of gifts are something a bit special for the loved ones in your life. Whatever gift you choose from this list, you can be certain that a drummer will be very impressed and thrilled with it!

Best value gifts for drummers

All the gifts in the section are under $20 making them perfect stocking fillers or for adding with a larger gift.

Davinci Drums T Shirt


Every rocker needs the right gear to make an impression when rocking out on stage. With the Davinci Drums T Shirt, the drummer you are buying for will definitely be noticed.This super cool t-shirt is a fun play on the well known Leonardo Davinci sketch and has been transformed into a drummer motif.

If you want to buy for someone in the office that you know moonlights as a drummer or perhaps your next door neighbour’s kids who you patiently listen to drumming away, then this is the right buy.



These super cute drumsticks come in a million different colours and three sizes. They are well known as being high quality drumsticks as they have a uniquely manufactured grip that keeps the sticks firmly in your hands.

If you are buying for a teenager who has just taken up drumming then these are a useful gift as well as being highly decorative because of the fun colours that they come in. What is more, they are very reasonably priced for the quality of the item and will last for a long time because of the materials used to make them strong and sturdy.

Retractable Drum Wire Brushes


If you have anyone who is into jazz drumming, then wire brushes are essential. This set of gold wire brushes are particularly snazzy and are very durable meaning they won’t let the drummer down halfway through a concert or gig. At the bottom of the brushes they have two hooks to attach them to the drum kit when not using them. This is important as you will only use them for part of the concert.

What is more, these wire brushes are light and make for a perfect stocking present or thoughtful secret santa. They will be an unexpected present as few jazz drummers expect other people to know about the tools they need to make music magic.

Mid-range gifts for drummers

Are you searching for a banging birthday gift for a drummer? These gifts are all between $20-$40 and are sure to impress.



These are seriously cool. Neon lit drum sticks that have 7 different colours that change as you play them. If you have a drummer friend or family member that performs at gigs then these are an ideal present. They are ultra bright meaning all eyes will be on the drummer as they rock away at the back of the stage.

They also work in the daylight so if you have someone who is a marching band, they can be a really fun present to give them. Imagine watching them doing their thing with a pair of these glowing drum sticks in their hands.

Percussion Plus 900P Economy Single Spring Bass Drum Pedal


Help the drummer in your life to get to the next level of drumming with this essential bass drum pedal that will make a large impact on the way they drum. Designed to be operated with just one spring that transfers the stroke power directly to the head of the drum, it will certainly be noticed by the audience!

Anyone who is into their drums will know that this is a quality piece of kit and you can rest assured that you are not just buying a piece of tat that won’t be used.

Something special: high-end gifts for drummers

Spoil the drummer in your life with these something special gifts that will help them develop their talent to the full.

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne


When you are drumming away for hours, you behind can suffer a bit from all the sitting and movement of the legs. It is important to have something comfortable to sit on that also gives you complete flexibility to rock out as hard as you want to. The Gibraltar drum throne is a motorcycle style drum throne that is built to endure serious rocking out time.

It is completely adjustable and double braced to give it strength. When searching for a professional drum gift for the drummer in your life, this one will be very appreciated. They will find they are able to sit down for longer periods of time, meaning they can practice harder and develop quickly.

Zildjian Cymbal Clock


If you have spent any significant time in the percussion department, then you will know the name Zidjian. An iconic symbol brand that is used by every drummer and percussionist, this is a really neat gift to give that will be treasured by any drummer aficionado.

It is made from an actual cymbal and is powered by batteries so it can hand proudly on the garage wall where the drummer practices! If you are searching for something a little bit special and unusual, this is the perfect gift for any drummer.

Roll Up Drum Practice Pad


The final gift for dummers is definitely a winner. A roll up drum practice pad that can be placed on any table is a fantastic starter present for anyone who says that might like to take up drumming. You don’t need to invest in an expensive drum kit right away with this drum practice pad.

The sound it gives is very realistic and can imitate not only the drum sounds but also the snare, toms and symbol sounds. It lasts for up to ten hours and easily rolled up to take with you anywhere to play. It has been a number one seller in the gifts for drummers category for a while now and that is for a good reason. If you have been searching for a gift to wow any potential drummer, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Any of the gifts above will be loved by the drummers in your life. They have been handpicked because of their usefulness to a drummer. They are not just pieces of fun that will put away in the cupboard after Christmas. They are durable, real life items that will be truly treasured by any drummer that receives them. Impress them with your inside knowledge of drumming equipment and sit back and enjoy their reaction when they open up the gift.