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9 original gifts for climbers that will have them reaching for the stars on their next climb

. 7 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
9 original gifts for climbers that will have them reaching for the stars on their next climb

There are many strong hearts among us who love nothing more than getting up on a cold winter morning and scaling one of the nearby rock faces. They say, and we have to trust them on this one, that there is no better feeling than making it to the top as the sun is coming up over the mountains glistening in their faces.

If you have a climber loved one or friend that you are looking to buy for then you can't go wrong by selecting a present to do with their beloved hobby. In this list we have done the hard work for you and selected the most practical and best rated products that are used by climbers everyday. That way you can guarantee that they will love and use their present.

Best value-gifts for climbers

All the gifts in this category are under $20 and are perfect for giving to friends and as stocking fillers.

Crag Cards: Essential Climbing Knots


Climbing requires that you know how to keep yourself safe at all times in order to make it to the top of whatever you have chosen to scale without tumbling to the bottom. To do this, you need to know all about how to tie knots in ropes.

These things can be a bit tricky. Which is why having these handy cards that you can tuck in your pocket can be invaluable. On the cards you will find clear instructions on how to tie all the essential climbing knots. They make a really thoughtful gift for a climber who will certainly keep them on hand whenever they climb.

BG Climbing Belay Glasses


These make look like something from a 1970s sci-fi movie but these little babies are actually the latest gadget rocking the climbing world. When you climb, one of the main tasks is to look ahead of you to belay your path. This requires you to bend your neck a lot which over time can cause climber's neck which is muscle pain in your neck that requires rest and time off the wall.

With these glasses, there is no need to crane your neck as the prisms allow you to look up the wall without having to move your head. They do take a bit of getting used to but rocking climbers are raving about these glasses saying they are a game changer. Show your rock climber friend or family member that you are really in the know about rock climbing by buying them these glasses as a gift.

Athletrek Rock Climbing Chalk Bag with Quick-Clip Belt Strap


An essential when rocking climbing is the use of chalk to keep your hands gripping the rock effectively propelling yourself up the wall. To make sure you have your chalk always to hand, this nifty little chalk bag by Athletrek is ideal to clip to your side and have instant access.

Made with an easy access opening so there is no need to fumble whilst halfway up a rock, this chalk bag is a great gift to give any rock climber friend or family member. If you know your secret santa at work is an avid climber then surprise them with a thoughtful gift like this chalk bag.

Mid-range gifts for climbers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas present? All these gifts are between $20-$40 and all road tested by climbers.

Climbskin Hand Repair Cream


Without your hands being in good condition then you are really not able to climb. That is why ClimbSkin has been developed to penetrate the hard skin that builds up on a climbers hand because of using them so much to grip the rock. It keeps them soft and prevents the build up of calluses which over time become painful

If you want to get a gift for a climber that will help to climber longer and with more grip then the ClimbSkin hand cream is an ideal gift. It also smells really nice!

POWER GUIDANCE Outdoor Climbing Rope


You must have strong, reliable ropes to be able to climb rocks safely. You must also make sure that you change your ropes routinely as they ware down and become less effective over time. An experienced climber will know that a functioning rope will save you time and time again whereas a weak rope may be the last time you climb.

If you want to buy a gift for a climber then you really can't go wrong with buying them a rope. This one by Power Guidance has two caribiners at the end and is reinforced. They will always appreciate a gift like this as they will use it everyday when climbing the walls.

Yaesport Grappling Hook


No this is not a medieval torture device! This is a grappling hook that is thrown ahead of the climber in order to find a secure park of the rock to attach to and climb up towards. This grappling hook by Yaesport is very highly rated as the design of it means it grips easily and tightly to whole variety of rock surfaces.

If you do buy this for your climber friend or family member, do warn the other people in the room that you haven't bought them a weapon but something for them to use for climbing!

Something special: high-end gifts for climbers

The final gifts on our list of presents for climbers are all a little bit special. They are quality items over $40 that your climber loved one will adore.

HandAcc Climbing Harness


A stunning piece of kit, this climbing harness by HandAcc is made of sturdy stuff. Designed to fit tightly around the lower body and legs, this harness will keep you safe and sound when scaling the rocks.

If you are searching for a gift for your climber loved one that they will use every time that they climb then you can't go wrong with buying them their own hardness. That way every time they put it on they know it has been fitted exactly to their specifications and nobody has adjusted the straps. It can always be relied on to keep them safe.

Climb X Gear Red Point Climbing Shoe


At the top of the game in the world of climbing shoes, the Climb X Gear shoes are beloved by the rock climbing community. The main reason is how lightweight they are on your feet making it feel as if you are not wearing shoes at all.

They also have a unique grip system on the bottom of them to allow you to cling firmly to the rock as you are repositioning yourself and climbing further upwards. As a something special gift these are just the ticket and will like the rest of the climbing world be loved by the person you gift them to.

Fingerboard Climbing Training Board


The final gift on our list is the rather groovy fingerboard climbing training board. What you do is attached to a door or wall, wherever you have the space and you can climb across it. The aim is to strengthen your finger and grip strength so that when you next hit the wall you can have a got at some of the more challenging grips.

If you want to give something that is a bit unusual to the climber who has it all then I can definitely recommend this gift. It also really works as climbers have reviewed it saying that it only took them a month or so to build up finger strength so they could progress to the next level in their climbing careers.

Overall, you can be certain that whatever gift you choose from this list, your climber loved one is going to be thrilled with it. They are all truly useful for all climbers and they will use them every time they hit the rock.