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The hands-down best gifts for boaters for every budget

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
The hands-down best gifts for boaters for every budget

Hanging out on deck, with a cocktail in hand, looking out across the sea at sunset is the stuff most of us dream about. For those lucky few who have boats and are into boating, why not try and win their good favour by buying them these awesome gifts for boaters. That way you might get to spend more time on their boat!

Only joking! Hopefully you have a family member or friend who owns a boat that you don’t have to persuade to let you on board. Either way, if you are looking to buy a gift for a boater that is actually useful then look no further than this list. I have listed a whole range of gifts for every budget that will definitely impress the boater in your life.

Best value gifts for boaters

These gifts for boaters are all under $20 and are perfect for slipping into a stocking or for adding to other gifts for your loved ones.

Captain Embroidered Low Profile Washed Cap


Not only is that hat very snazzy it is also very practical. When you are onboard having fun on the boat, someone has to be looking out for you all. That is where the captain comes in. Reward them for their dedication with this hat that tells everyone around who they are.

This hat comes in lots of different colours and is designed to look washed making it seem as if it has braved many a rough sea! It makes a great stocking filler gift and is reasonably priced.

Three Sheets to the Wind: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions


This book is packed full of information and anecdotes and is the perfect little gift for a boater. It goes through the remarkable number of everyday expressions and words that we use that all have a nautical origin. It is an interesting read for anyone but particularly anyone interested in boats.

It is one of those nice books to put on a coffee table or better still the table onboard your yacht that people can causually browse whilst relaxing in the sun. It is a great stocking filler or thoughtful Secret Santa gift that will have everyone discussing it around the dinner table.

Ironwood Pacific Top-Snapper Tool


If you are searching for a gift for a boater that will most definitely be used and make their life on deck much easier, then this is the one. Essentially this handy little tool helps you snap and unsnap your boat canvas easily and without ripping it. Particularly in any type of wind, this can be a tricky operation so having this top-snapper tool on hand can really make the difference.

It is certainly an unusual gift but I can guarantee you that anyone who is really into their boats and sailing will know what one is and will be thankful to you for introducing it into their lives! What is more, it is a nifty little present that is not too expensive and can be slipped into a stocking or put with other items as part of a larger nautical themed gift collection.

Mid-range gifts for boaters

If you are looking for a quality gift that is reasonably priced for a boater, these three gifts all receive fantastic customer reviews for how useful they are for boaters.

Gonex Waterproof Backpack


If you are buying for anyone who spends a lot of time on boats or is into water sports, the Gonex Waterproof Backpack is a must have as it protects all their valuables from water damage. When you are out a sea or in a kayak, the weather and conditions can be very unpredictable, making it essential to prepare yourself well.

Any boater that you are looking to buy a gift for will definitely appreciate the usefulness of this gift. It is also comes with an added phone case that will protect a phone even if it has been submerged in water. This backpack is also super stylish and suitable for anyone no matter their age or gender. It is a really nice gift for a boater.

Marine Boat Dock Bungee Tie


Another practical gift for boaters, this set of bungee ties are designed to keep your boat tight against any dock. The best thing about these bungee ties is that they are made to last. They are incredibly robust and because of the bungee element to them, they last much better than the traditionally used ropes.

On top of this, if any of you out there are boaters then you will know that one of the main issues is that ropes drop in the water and become harder to handle. If these bungees drop in the water, it doesn’t change their usability. Top tip if you want to give this gift to a boater is work out what colour scheme they have on the boat and buy a set of these bungee ties to match.

Maritime Journal


A beautiful gift for anyone, this maritime theme journal by SohoSpark will be a cherished gift of any boater. What is really smart about this journal is that you can refill it when you finish the pages. It is designed to fit all of your nautical tales, stories of journeys across the sea and perhaps the mapping out of your course.

Whatever the boater in your life will use this for, they will surely appreciate the beauty of its design. Having something like this by your side really inspires you to fill it with exciting tales of time spent out at sea. I am sure your boater friend or family member will remark to you in years to come that they are still using their journal.

Something special: high-end gifts for boaters

From time to time, we all liked to be spoiled. Spoil your boater friend or family member with this truly special gifts for boaters that will make them feel very loved. These two gifts are certainly not novelty gifts and will be well used and loved for years to come.

MASTER-MARINER First Light Collection


A truly stunning present, this really is something special to give any boater in your life. The Master-Mariner First Light Collection Clock and Barometer are exquisitely made. If you are searching for a gift to mark a big occasion such as a wedding anniversary or perhaps a retirement, then this is the gift to go for. It will sit proudly on board any vessel and will be loved by those who truly love boating.

The set are both made with classic white face and finished with gold metal and presented in a gift box. They are not just pretty, they also work really well and are professional tools. So if your skipper is needing to know when a storm is due to hit, these tools will not let him down.

Aomekie Marine Binoculars


If you want to get the ultimate present for a boater, particularly one who likes to fish, these binoculars are the answer. Designed specifically for marine usage, they are completely waterproof and come with night vision. This makes them suitable for use by night fishers trying to spot their next big catch.

Further to this, if you accidentally drop them in the water, don’t worry as they float on top until you can retrieve them. These binoculars by Aomekie are a professional gift for any boater and will be very well received. If you have a loved one to buy for who is into boats, then this is a present that will last them for years.