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Have your loved ones tweeting with joy with these hand-selected gifts for bird lovers

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Have your loved ones tweeting with joy with these hand-selected gifts for bird lovers

The beauty of bird watching is that you can do it wherever you live, in the city or in the countryside, as our feathered friends are found wherever we are. That is why bird watching is such a popular hobby that is followed by millions of people in North America. There is nothing better than spending a sunny Saturday afternoon out in your favourite bird watching spot waiting to see the wide array of birds that can be spotted.

What is more, bird watching is a perfect hobby to teach small children to get them interested in the world around them making it very popular with grandparents and grandchildren. Encourage your loved ones to spend more time together exploring the world of birds with the following hand selected gifts.

Best value gifts for bird lovers

The gifts listed in this section are all under $20 making them perfect for stocking fillers or gifts for your friends. If you have a bird lover that you know, the will be extremely pleased that you have noticed their hobby and given them a gift for a bird lover.

Collections Etc Set of 2 Rattan Globe Hummingbird Nesters


Sitting on your porch, watching the buzzing wings of the hummingbird as it sucks nectar from the flowers is a magnificent sight. Encourage hummingbirds to your garden by hanging these 2 rattan globes that they like to nest in.

The globes make the perfect home for these little birds who like the protective feel of the nesters. If you are looking to buy a thoughtful gift for a bird lover, these globes are a really nice option. What is more, the price is very reasonable for such a quality item.

Perky-Pet Sparkle Panorama Bird Feeder


This tray style feeder is perfect for encouraging lots of birds to your garden who can come and happily eat together. It is a wonderful sight to see little blue tits or blackbirds bobbing about on the feeder.

What is more, the sparkle finish to the feeder makes it very stylish and it will accessorize any garden with style. If you have a bird lover that you want to buy for or perhaps someone who is interested in all sorts of wildlife, this bird feeder makes for a lovely gift.

Mid-range gifts for bird lovers

All the gifts in this section are priced between $20-$40 making them ideal for your loved ones. The gifts are all selected to make bird lovers very happy so if you are looking for a birthday or Christmas present, then you can’t go wrong with one of the following.

Window Bird Feeder


A brilliant invention, this see through bird feeder attaches to any window allowing you to watch comfortably from inside your house the birds feeding. These feeders are perfect for getting kids interested in birds as they can’t help but watch in fascination as the birds feed right up against the class.

This feeder also allows for multiple birds to feed at once making it a real spectacle to see when all the local birds come to have dinner together. The suction cups stick securely to any window and if you want to relocate it, you simply pull it off and stick it somewhere else. If you have a bird lover in your life, maybe your mother or grandmother, this is an innovative present that will be well received.

Boma Jewelry Sterling Silver Bird Teardrop Inlay Earrings


Elegantly dropping past the ears, these silver bird teardrop earrings are a beautiful gift for someone who loves birds. The earrings are inlaid with turquoise giving them a pop of colour.

They are lightweight making them perfect to wear for long periods of time. The bird could represent many of the local birds found in North American gardens making it a special gift for any bird lover who spends time looking after and encouraging birds into their garden.

Nature Anywhere Large Hanging Bird Feeder 2020 Gift Edition


Coming with a gift edition box and additional materials, the Nature Anywhere Large Hanging Bird Feeder 2020 Gift Edition makes for an excellent gift for a loved one or friend who loves birds. The best feature to this bird feeder is that it is designed to hang anywhere.

So if you have a friend or family member living in a city with only a tiny bit of outdoor space then this is the ideal bird feeder. There are birds all over the continent, in the countryside and in the cities and there are plenty of bird lovers living in cities who miss their colourful friends. Treat them to this thoughtful gift so they can get their bird watching fix wherever they live.

The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America


Any budding bird twitcher needs a comprehensive guide to take with them when they are out bird watching. The Stokes Field Guide is the preeminent bird identifying guide for North America and includes every possible bird known to be in the area.

What is also fantastic about this guide is that it comes with a CD of bird songs so that you can also learn how your favourite birds communicate with each other. If your grandchild is showing an interest in bird watching or you have a friend crazy for birds, this makes for a lovely gift that they can use for years to come.

Something special: high-end gifts for bird lovers

The final section of our gift list for bird lovers are items which are a little bit special. We all have a time when we want to buy something special for a loved one or friend, perhaps a retirement or golden wedding anniversary. You can rest assured that the following gifts will certainly be appreciated by any bird lover that you are looking to buy for.

River of Goods Bird Suncatcher


Place this in a window so that it catches the sunlight and enjoy the majestic sight of your favourite birds sitting against the sky, Made from stain-glass, this suncatcher is a delicate and well crafted object that makes for a special present for the bird lover in your life.

There are multiple designs on offer from River of Goods, so be sure to work out what are your friend or family members’ favourite types of birds before selecting the style you want. This gift will sit proudly in the window of any bird lover for many years making it a great buy if you want to give a gift that lasts.

Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 Monocular


Our final gift on the list is a piece of professional kit that will seriously up the game of any bird lover who heads out to watch birds. The Wingspan Monocular allows the bird watcher considerably better views of their local birds, allowing them to get up close and personal and take note of all their daily habits.

The monocular is a great design and works with glasses making it suitable for everyone. What is more, it is showerproof so it won’t let you down when you are out bird watching in a storm! If your loved one is a bird lover, show them you appreciate their hobby with this special gift.