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Any accountant you are buying for will be super chuffed with these gifts

. 6 min read . Written by Gabrielle Clarke
Any accountant you are buying for will be super chuffed with these gifts

If you want to buy a gift for an accountant, sometimes you might pause a while to think what might be best for them. Don’t stress about it too much. They are not such a difficult bunch of people to buy for.

The best advice I can give you is to buy something for them to use in the office. They love to have fancy items on their desk and up on the walls of their office. They also like to have gifts that they can use daily such as planners and pencils. Choose something off this list and you won’t go too far.

Best value gifts for accountants

This selection of gifts are all in the budget range and are perfect for the accountant in the office.

Funny Novelty Memo Pads


There is a rather mean stereotypes that accountants are not very funny people who don’t have much of a sense of humour. I am not saying that the accountant in your life fits this stereotype.

Either way, introduce a bit of humour into their lives with these funny novelty memo pads that will have them chuckling away when they see them. Just suggest to them that they are for private use only and not to get them out in a client meeting! If you are buying for the accountant in the office, this is the perfect gift!

Vintage Accountant Patent Poster Prints


This set of 6 poster prints are perfect for hanging up in the office of any accountant. Designed from original patent sketchings, these posters are a classy gift for any accountant. They include sketches of pens, rulers and other equipment used regularly by accountants for many years.

Any accountant will be highly familiar with these items and if they are interested in history, this is an ideal gift to get them. Further to this, this quality gift is very reasonably priced, making it a great option for any accountant that you are looking to buy for.

What's 2+2? Funny CPA Accountant Accounting T-Shirt Tee Gift


Have some fun with your accountant friend or family member with this funny CPA accountant t-shirt that speaks volumes about their work. Any accountant will get the joke, I can tell you that for sure!

What is more, is this t-shirt comes in plenty of different colours and is fitted to both men and women depending on your preferences. It is also 100% cotton meaning it will be really comfortable and lightweight to wear. Not only is this t-shirt funny but it is also wearable in the long run.

Mid-range gifts for accountants

When you want to buy something for an accountant friend or family member, check out these great mid-range gift options.

Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil


Accountants are known for running through stacks of pencils very quickly. That is because they are always having to work out complex mathematical problems and go through every ledger carefully making lots of notes. If you are searching for the perfect gift for an accountant friend then this automatic pencil will be very well received.

It is very easy to write with as it is lightweight and comfortable. What is more, you can easily refill it with pencil led to keep writing for a long period of time. This gift is simple but simple can be good when you buy someone something that they will use to make their work life easier.

Self Planner by BestSelf


An accountant has a lot of duties and responsibilities making their day to day life stressful. This self planner by BestSelf has been designed to reduce stress by helping working people plan better and build routines. It doesn’t contain any dates and is laid out in 30 minutes timelines aimed at helping you build healthy habits rather than putting down targets that you can’t reach.

It has been designed and put together by a small family run business who really understand the psychological demands of high responsibility jobs. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated by the up against the wall accountant in your life, then this is the one to go for.

KABB DZ-3 Modern Digital Mechanical Retro Flip Dоwn Clock


Have you ever seen in those movies about accountants and bank managers in the 1930s those vintage clocks that flip down. Well this does just that but with a little help from modern technology. This clock is very stylish and adds retro flare to any desk. It would look well placed in the office of an accountant friend or family member.

The clock designed by KABB is well manufactured to remove the repetitive clicking noise when the numbers flip down. If the accountant you are buying for is a bit stressed out, it is also very relaxing to watch the numbers gently flip down every minute.

Something special: high-end gifts for accountants

When you want to buy a luxury gift for the accountant in your life, especially a loved one, these gifts are something a bit special that will be really well received.

MaxKare Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager


We all need to relax and destress at work as we are faced with a huge amount of stress. When it is tax return season, imagine the stress an accountant is faced with. Show them some mercy by buying them the MaxKare Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager that has been seriously highly rated and a massive stress buster. All you do is place it around your shoulders and sit back for 5 minutes to enjoy a realistic Shiatsu massage.

For the price of it, it is much cheaper than paying for a massage session and you get to use it whenever you want. It even has a heating mode that warm up your shoulder muscles on those chilly days at the office. If you want to buy a gift that is not expected for an accountant, then this is a must buy.

MUTUW Business Gifts Stylish All-Metal Desktop Round Clock Pen Pencil Holder


This is an elegant item for any desk that has been handcrafted with the best materials and finished with gold metal. It is the type of gift that you give a seasoned professional who has a lot of people visit their office and is looking to make a good impression on them.

If you want to buy something a little bit special for an accountant then this pen holder and clock combo is the perfect option. It is the type of item they will cherish for years as it sits proudly on their desk.

Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler


Hardworking accountants need their devices to work just as hard as they are. This wireless fast charge and mug warmer/cooler combo is a seriously hard working device that is infinitely useful. Essentially it is a charger for your phone that you use by placing your cell on top of it. It doesn’t require any cables and it will charge up your cell faster than anything.

At the sametime, it has an outlet to keep you drink hot or cold, depending on how you like it. There is nothing worse than being embroiled in a spreadsheet only to find your coffee has turned stone cold. This little beauty of a present will keep it nice and warm for you. Seriously, this is a cool piece of tech that will be well appreciated by any accountant that you are looking to buy for.