Funny Poems

Funny Poems

The following funny poems were written to make you and your friends and family laugh. You'll also find many more funny ones scattered throughout this website. There's usually one associated with most categories. Enjoy!

Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing when I found the picture that is featured below the first poem (from fotolia).

I was looking for something funny, and I hope I succeeded, lol.

If you're a guy, have you ever had the misfortune of forgetting your girlfriend's birthday?

Well, I hope you find the first poem hilarious. It's dedicated to all those poor souls out there that at one point in their lives forgot their girlfriend's birthday. I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

Her Birthday

Today was my girlfriend's birthday,
and I forgot about her gift.
I was worried she'd find out,
with punishment that's swift.

When I heard the door bell,
my sweat combined with stress.
Her reaction and disappointment,
I tried not to think nor guess.

It was way too late to drive,
to the flower shop or store.
I wished her happy birthday,
as I opened the front door.

I told her to sit down,
and simply just relax.
While thinking of a plan,
my brain was at its max.

Said I'll be right back,
as I ran into my room.
Quickly went online,
hoping to avoid my doom.

I ordered that weird looking,
purple and black purse.
Printed out a birthday card,
and added a sweet verse.

Gave her the freshly printed card,
with a hug and a long nice kiss.
She was more than happy,
I knew she was in bliss.

I tried my best to explain,
the purse will be a bit late.
She said that it's alright,
she doesn't mind to wait.

As I smiled in relief,
I woke up from this dream.
Realized it's her birthday,
and began to run and scream.


Hope you enjoyed the twist in the last stanza. Cheers!

I had a lot of fun reading this submitted zip sled poem. You should read it as well, it's quite funny.

Alright, let's move onto the next poem. I think most of us will be able to relate to it, and especially if you're under 30.

Blind Connection

Walking down the street,
her head is facing down.
Concentrating very hard,
she sports a heavy frown.

Searching on her phone,
for the closest hair salon.
She walks by the first one,
as grandpa gives a yawn.

Her phone is acting up,
she's getting quite upset.
Walks right by the second one,
which is right next to the vet.

Suddenly the battery dies,
and her face engulfs concern.
Helpful people walk right by,
at every single turn.

She sits down right there,
and just begins to cry.
Her tears soak her phone,
in sober social life goodbye.

A stranger notices and stops,
and gently asks what's wrong.
She explains her dilemma,
and admits she's not that strong.

He begins to laugh,
and forgets about console.
He tells her with a smile,
she's right next to her goal.

She brushes off her tears,
and stands up very straight.
Looks through the window and notices,
that this salon is great.

Receives a wonderful haircut,
and for the rest of that fateful day,
Connects with people face to face,
with the sun as her new display.


That was a funny poem that talked about a young lady who is completely dependent on her phone. When her phone battery died, she felt helpless. But at the end she realized that the old ways of doing things still worked. I guess we just need to keep our heads up and open our eyes sometimes.

We all know that road rage is quite common in our modern fast-paced society. Well, the next poem makes fun of that.

Road Rage

He hasn't seen a traffic jam,
like this in many years.
He should have stayed home,
with his dog and few cold beers.

His car hasn't moved in minutes,
he's on the verge of showing rage.
Nothing will stop him now,
not even an old hard lonely cage.

The noise began suddenly,
when he let his car horn fly.
Expressing his displeasure,
he wasn't very shy.

Then he began to argue,
with any soul that dared.
He turned flush red with anger,
as his big old nostrils flared.

He jumped out of his car,
and began to wave his cane.
Grandpa forget he was 91,
and all his old age pain.

Finally someone calmed him,
and asked for seven sixty-five.
Grandpa paid for his burger and fries,
and slowly began to drive.


You probably didn't think it would be an old grandpa in the middle of the road rage incident. Actually, it was more like, drive-thru rage, lol.

Here's unique one that talks about being embarrassed.

Funny Poems for Kids

These funny poems were written for all the kids out there. Children have a great sense of humour, that's why I'm hoping they will like these.

The first one talks about a zoo. Every child loves going to the zoo and seeing all those interesting animals.

Weird Zoo

I woke up this morning,
and went to the Zoo.
It was sunny outside,
and the sky was bright blue.

The first thing I saw,
was an elephant with small ears.
He was climbing the trees,
and I heard many cheers.

The second animal,
was a very skinny hippo.
He was an excellent swimmer,
and the kids called him Flippo.

The third one was also,
different and weird.
She was a momma bear,
with a very long beard.

Then I heard my mom say,
"Wake up, it's time for school!"
The weird zoo was just in my dreams,
but it was still very cool.


Now that was definitely a very weird zoo. Let's keep things interesting, and explore the next funny poem for kids, which talks about their amazing imaginations.

His Name Was Flame

I was riding my flying carpet,
in search of a faraway land.
As I looked down from the sky,
I noticed a beach with white sand.

Below was a truly magical island,
that I hoped to explore.
But once I got off my carpet,
I was chased by a boar.

This wasn't funny,
as I nearly lost my pants.
My head was very itchy,
in my hair I had ants.

The boar finally caught me,
but just wanted to play.
He began singing to me,
just so I'd stay.

I told him I have to go home,
because it's time for me to eat.
So he fished out a great big shark,
and gave me a goodbye treat.

When I was back in my room,
I realized I forgot to ask his name.
But then I noticed these words on my carpet,
"Thanks for visiting your new friend Flame!"


If you want to laugh some more, feel free to check out,

I really appreciate when people submit their own funny verses. One of my favorite ones is this one right here.

Thanks for taking the time to read and share these funny poems. I wish you an absolutely hilarious day.